Perfume Montal

The creator of the perfume brand Montale is Pierre Montal. The perfumer has been doing business in the Middle East for a long time, in Saudi Arabia. Returning to his homeland, to Paris, Pierre Montal decided to start creating perfumes, instilling in his fragrances an oriental mood, which he managed to imbue during his stay in the East.

The Montale brand represents traditional Arabic fragrances, which are created without the use of alcohol. The composition of the Arabic perfume includes only mixtures of wood, flower and other oils. It is also important that all Montal brand perfumes are bottled in aluminum bottles, which allows you to protect the perfume from light. In addition, the metal bottle looks very original. Next, we present to your attention a description of the most popular fragrances from the Montal brand.

Perfume Montale Mukhallat Paris

Perfume Mukhallat by Montal was launched in 2008. Pierre Montal tried to put all the fabulousness of the East into it, mixing strawberries, almonds and vanilla. This intriguing aroma will appeal to lovers of oriental sweets.

Top notes: vanilla, strawberry.

Middle note: almond.

Final note: musk.

Perfume Montale Mukhallat

Perfume Vanille Absolu Montale

Perfume from Pierre Montal “Vanilla” created, according to the author, for special women. The fragrance belongs to the group of gourmand fragrances of the East. Perfume Vanille managed to combine tenderness and sweetness, making the fragrance special, exciting. In perfume, Pierre Montal decided to vividly demonstrate all the sensuality and quivering of vanilla. These perfumes can rightly be called flawless. They are designed to fill the image with luxury.

Top notes: vanilla.

Middle notes: cinnamon, cloves.

End notes: woody.

Perfume Vanille Absolu Montale

Perfume Montale Roses Musk

For the first time women’s perfume “Pink Musk” from Montal was released in 2009 and he was immediately credited to the elite spirits. The fragrance was based on a duet of musk and berries, which created a stunning soft, juicy and original bouquet. All the tenderness of “Pink Musk” is demonstrated by the musky-amber base. The color of the bottle fully demonstrates the mood of the perfume – pink.

Top notes: rose absolute, rose essence.

Middle notes: raspberries, blackberries.

End notes: jasmine, amber.

Perfume Montale Roses Musk

Perfume Montale Intense Café

Perfume “Coffee” from Montal is a unisex fragrance. This is one of the latest fragrances released in 2013. The basis of the fragrance is a bright aroma of coffee and a delicate, velvety aroma of roses. The fragrance opens with a lush floral bouquet and closes with gentle, romantic vanilla, amber and white musk. The perfume bottle has a traditional shape and is colored brown with a golden hue, which is visible in the slightest light.

Top notes: floral.

Middle notes: coffee, rose

End notes: amber, vanilla, white musk.

Perfume Montale Intense Café

Perfume Chocolate Greedy Montale

Aroma Montal “Jealous Chocolate” also belongs to the group of unisex and oriental gourmet perfumes. The composition was created by the founder of the company in 2009. Pierre Montal considers Chocolate Greedy perfume his pride. He is sure that both representatives of the stronger sex and gentle, passionate women will use it with great pleasure.

Despite the fact that notes of cocoa formed the basis of the composition of Greedy Montale, the perfume is distinguished from other “chocolate” spirits by unobtrusiveness and lightness. It is not overly sweet.

Top notes: Moroccan bitter orange.

Middle notes: cocoa, coffee, tonka beans.

End notes: dried fruits, vanilla.

Perfume Chocolate Greedy Montale

Perfume Wild Pears Montale

Perfume “Wild Pear” from Montal is designed for men and women. It belongs to the group of fougere fruity fragrances. Perfume was first presented to the public in 2011. The author, Pierre Montal, laid the foundation of the fragrance exotic and everyday life, thus speaking about the versatility of the perfume. Perfume Wild Pears can rightfully be called one of the best fragrances from Montal, they have become a symbol of a new milestone in European perfumery. “Wild Pear” refers to fresh spirits, which at the same time conquer with their brightness.

Top notes: bergamot, pear.

Middle notes: lily of the valley, carnation.

End notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla.

Perfume Wild Pears Montale