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Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo has always been famous for his knowledge of women’s nature. He is best known for his line of shoes, the beauty of which was once noted even by Princess Diana herself, as well as a variety of accessories. Not so long ago, Jimmy Choo decided to create his own line of toilet water. In 2011, his first perfume was released, and since then he has been pleasing women with new fragrances that are distinguished by exquisite rigor, femininity and classic graceful restraint, which, however, is not without brightness, expressiveness and sexuality. Let’s look at which Jimmy Choo perfumes are worthy of attention and, of course, purchase.

Perfume Jimmy Choo Flash

A very romantic, juicy, rich fragrance that is both discreet and bright at the same time. Flash perfume by Jimmy Choo, released in 2013, belongs to the floral group of fragrances. Its smell is intertwined with notes of freshly blossomed lilies, strawberry dessert with cream, spicy pepper, fresh breath of jasmine after the rain and sweet New Year’s orange. Flash Jimmy Choo is ideal for girls who like to soar in the clouds and want the aroma that envelops them to resemble a light and fluffy cloud.

Top notes: strawberry, pink pepper, tangerine.

Middle notes: tuberose, jasmine, white lily.

Base notes: white wood, heliotrope.

jimmy choo perfume 1

Perfume Jimmy Choo Exotic

Exotic is a new flanker of the classic Jimmy Choo fragrance, which was released in 2011 and opened the designer’s line of perfumes. Exotic differs not only in its bright aroma, but also in bright fuchsia and rich orange bottles. You can’t take your eyes off this bottle! But the scent is even better. At first, it strikes with the delicate sweetness of currant, followed by sharp notes of grapefruit, and then sweet raspberries, like berries grated with sugar, and a gourmand, expressive note of patchouli. These perfumes will be an excellent acquisition for the autumn-winter season, when you really want to bring at least some bright revival into the surrounding dullness.

Top notes: black currant, pink grapefruit.

Middle notes: passionflower, tiger orchid.

Base notes: patchouli, raspberry.

jimmy choo perfume 3

Perfume Jimmy Choo Stars

This fragrance with the original name Stars looks rather unusual compared to the rest of the Chu perfume line. It is distinguished by a light sweet smell that is suitable for both young girls and adult women for daily use. It’s sweet but not cloying thanks to the tart notes of orange. Noble sandalwood and exquisite amber make the fragrance very feminine and sophisticated. It starts with a delicate orange, and then a sweetness gradually appears in the composition, which, however, is not intrusive. This perfume belongs to the chypre-fruity group of fragrances. They are best suited for autumn or spring. In summer, this fragrance will still be too sweet.

Top notes: sweet orange.

Middle notes: orchid.

Base notes: caramel, patchouli, amber, sandalwood.

jimmy choo perfume 4

Eau de toilette Jimmy Choo

The aroma of Jimmy Choo toilet water is sweet and light at the same time. The first half hour after application, he downright knocks down on the spot with the brightness of sweet notes. The smell is reminiscent of the sweetness of duchesse, combined with the aroma of paper and a little powder. But thirty minutes later, this fragrance from Jimmy Choo becomes gentle and feminine, fresh notes of ginger and cedar appear in it. This perfume, belonging to the floral-fruity group of fragrances, is perfect for daily use, and thanks to its unusual and interesting smell, it may well become your calling card.

Top notes: pear, ginger, green notes.

Middle notes: Taif rose, orchid.

Base notes: Virginia cedar, woody notes.

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