In summer, perfumes are especially important — they partly become clothes. In order to feel comfortable in it even on the hottest day, in order to attract enthusiastic attention with the freshness and lightness of your perfume, you need to choose perfumes that are suitable for this time of year.

Perfume for the summer for women

Which perfume to choose for the summer, each girl decides for herself, but in the variety of perfumes it is so easy to get lost. Perhaps a little hint will make your search easier:

  1. In the ranking of summer perfumes for women, the first place can be given Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein. This perfume has a frivolous floral-fruity fragrance, in which notes of ripe peach, juicy raspberry, fragrant mandarin are replaced by sexy notes of orchid and cashmere.
  2. perfume for summer1

  3. Summer perfume for women Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan simply captivate with their sophistication. This complex oriental woody fragrance opens with orange, lily of the valley, jasmine, musk and leaves a long trail of citrus sourness.
  4. perfume for summer2

  5. Pure poison from Dior is the fragrance of 2014, which you cannot do without on a summer evening. It combines floral and citrus notes that perfectly complement and set off jasmine and bergamot.
  6. perfume for summer3

  7. Among the products of the Dior Fashion House, the fragrance stands out. Dior Cuir Cannage. This sensual perfume begins with notes of ylang-ylang, orange blossom and jasmine, and, after a while, breaks out with the aroma of violet and rose. But the music of these perfumes does not end there either — through the floral smell you “hear” the smell of juniper, birch and tobacco.
  8. perfume for summer4

  9. Summer fragrances for women in 2015 are represented by another divine perfume — Loewe Air Evasion. A couple of drops of these perfumes will help you feel the range of natural aromas, in which lies the smell of ripe apple, peach, tea, peony.
  10. perfume for summer5

  11. Summer perfume with a trail of mango, peony and jasmine, with base notes of grapefruit, lemon and apples — this, of course, XOXO Luv For Her. This trendy fragrance will appeal to confident and vibrant women.
  12. perfume for summer6

  13. Summer perfume scents can represent Tom Ford Velvet Orchid A perfume you can’t resist. Oriental fragrance contains notes of black orchid, intertwined with notes of rum, honey, citrus.
  14. perfume for summer7

  15. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt will help you get to the sea and feel the fresh breeze and gentle sun thanks to the notes of sage, ambrette, sea salt, algae and grapefruit.
  16. perfume for summer8

  17. Narciso by Narciso Rodrigue also make your summer more emotional and happy. With this perfume, it will be filled with the smell of white rose, gardenia, vetiver and several types of cedar.
  18. perfume for summer9

If you are considering which perfume to choose for the summer, then keep in mind that fragrances with notes of citrus, rum, berries and sandalwood are in trend.