Perfume Eisenberg

The world saw Eisenberg perfume relatively recently – the French company only began its existence in 2010, presenting the world with 15 fragrant bottles. Eisenberg women’s perfumes are designed quite conservatively – these are square or rectangular bottles with sharp corners, the exception among which is the Eisenberg J Ose perfume – they have a rather feminine and cute design with a slight retro touch.

Perfume by Eisenberg I Am

This optimistic fragrance belongs to the floral fruity group. His original combinations, sometimes contradicting each other, create a fragrance that will forever be remembered for its non-triviality. It is suitable for women who like to demonstrate their bright personality and always adhere to an active life position, because the hot and spicy ingredient in the form of pepper harmonizes well with a demonstrative character.

Top notes: raspberry, bergamot, orange;

Middle notes: pepper, magnolia;

Base notes: amber, musk, sandalwood.

Perfume by Eisenberg I Am

Women’s perfume Jose by Eisenberg

Eisenberg Jose is a sophisticated fougere, spicy fragrance. His style is impeccable – from the original design, which is clearly different from typical Eisenberg perfumes, to interesting combinations of notes.

Top notes: blue mint, lemon, artemisia;

Middle notes: coffee, Bulgarian lavender;

Base notes: hay, amber, cedar, musk, patchouli.

  Jose by Eisenberg

Perfume Love Affair by Eisenberg

If you prefer sophisticated and quirky woody-musky scents, then Love Affair might be the way to go. Tobacco, combined with rose and two types of currants, creates a tart and at the same time soft plume.

Top notes: black and pink currants, white flowers;

Middle notes: rose, heliotrope, jasmine;

Base notes: sandalwood, tobacco, musk.

love affect

Perfume by Eisenberg Diabolique

Lovers of subtle floral fragrances that sound similar to European ones can rejoice, because Diabolique belongs to the group of oriental perfumes, which took from them the mystery and richness of sound, but at the same time retained its lightness, thanks to which Diabolique can be worn in summer .

Top notes: mandarin, cardamom;

Middle notes: jasmine, cedar, iris, heliotrope, violet;

Base notes: musk, vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin.


Perfume by Eisenberg Le Peche

This perfume is a representative of the woody-musky group, and it suits ladies who appreciate a subtle, barely perceptible trail in the aroma. To prevent Le Peche from being overly intense, its top notes are composed of floral scents.

Top notes: orange flowers, osmanthus, hibiscus;

Middle notes: amber, jasmine, vanilla;

Base notes: musk, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver.

Le Peche

Perfume Back To Paris by Eisenberg

This perfume is a group of combined fragrances – floral with woody-musky notes. Sweet notes combined with fresh and spicy notes create a memorable combination.

Top notes: mandarin, pink pepper, bergamot, lavender, rose;

Middle notes: white freesia, violet, jasmine, heliotrope;

Base notes: musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla.

Back To Paris

Perfume by Eisenberg Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is a fougere spicy fragrance. It is unobtrusive, but at the same time contains oriental notes that give it a spice. Thanks to the combination of lavender, neroli and woody notes, this perfume can serve as a modern interpretation of vintage perfumes, which often found such combinations of notes.

Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot;

Middle notes: anise, mint, ginger, neroli, lavender;

Base notes: woody notes.

Eau Fraiche