Perfume DKNY

The success of the famous brand is the result of the painstaking work of specialists who were able to combine innovation and tradition in perfumery.

Perfume green apple DKNY

The aroma belongs to the group of fruit and flowers. Perfume green apple DKNY Be Delicious was released in 2009, a combination of bright floral colors, sensual woody accords. DKNY apple perfume has a bold, playful and strong character.

Top notes: a combination of aromas of magnolia, grapefruit and cucumber.

Middle notes: floral accords of lily of the valley, rose, and violets with tuberose.

Base notes: wood base and amber.

Perfume DKNY 4

Perfume DKNY Women

The fragrance belongs to the oriental family. The perfume was released in 1999 and since then has managed to win the status of a classic fragrance for business and creative women. The character of the fragrance is charming, seductive. Perfume DKNY Women – the fragrance of a woman temptress.

Top notes: kinglets, chilled vodka and tomato leaves.

Middle notes: floral accords of lily with orchid and narcissus.

Base notes: combination of birch and tulip.

Perfume DKNY 1

Perfume Pure DKNY

This is one of DKNY’s evening fragrances, but can also be worn during the day if desired. Belongs to the group of flowers and has a romantic and feminine character. The smell is sensual, clean, as if attracting.

Top notes: floral notes of vanilla, rose and lotus.

Middle notes: delicate aromas of freesia and jasmine with orchid.

Base notes: charming white amber and sandalwood.

Perfume DKNY 2

Perfume DKNY Fresh Blossom

This DKNY perfume belongs to the family of floral fragrances. The scent is very fresh and light, with a captivating and feminine character. The fragrance of DKNY rose apple perfume is slightly sweet, suitable for daytime and evening use.

Top notes: the freshness of grapefruit is combined with notes of blackcurrant and apricot.

Middle notes: floral scents of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Base notes: combination of woody notes with juicy red apple.

Perfume DKNY 3

Perfume DKNY Golden Delicious

Luxurious aroma of a group of woody-musky oriental scents. Ideal for cold weather and evening wear. Perfume will suit luxurious women, seductresses and lovers of chic. His character is refined and refined, at the same time passionate and tender.

Top notes: intertwining aromas of red apple and juicy plum.

Middle notes: floral chords of lily with rose and orchid with lily of the valley.

Base notes: a combination of sandalwood, musk and teak wood.

Perfume DKNY 5

New fragrance DKNY Be Delicious City Urban Violet

This perfume is a novelty from DKNY belongs to the family of floral fruity fragrances. This is the smell of calm and relaxation, a kind of stop in the midst of the hard rhythm of modern life.

Top notes: bright notes of mandarin are combined with aromas of juicy berries and apple blossom.

Middle notes: floral accords of freesia, iris and rose.

Base notes: soothing sandalwood in tandem with orris root.

Perfume DKNY 6

Women’s perfume DKNY Golden Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette

This is a one of a kind perfume from DKNY, which not only envelops the skin with a delicate aroma, but also moisturizes it. This is a group of musky woody scents.

Top notes: the freshness of red apple intertwines with notes of juicy plum and orange blossom.

Middle notes: floral bliss of water lily, rose and orchid fragrances.

Base notes: teak wood is combined with notes of musk and sandalwood.

Perfume DKNY 7

Perfume DKNY red apple

This perfume is one of the brightest and boldest from DKNY. The fragrance of a young and ambitious woman, rich and bright. According to the description of the fragrance, DKNY perfume belongs to the group of floral-fruity fragrances, perfect for active women. At the same time, the perfume has not lost its feminine and gentle notes in its character.

Top notes: bright splash of aromas of grapefruit and green apple.

Middle notes: freshness of sea water and jasmine.

Base notes: amber and sandalwood accords are combined with patchouli leaf.

Perfume DKNY 8