perfume antonio banderas

The perfumes of Antonio Banderas are another proof of his talent, and managed to conquer many women with their unsurpassed compositions. And the notes of hot Spain can awaken passion even in a modest lady.

Perfume by Antonio Banderas

A distinctive feature of fragrances from a real tempter is sophistication, sophistication and original style. In addition, perfumes are divided into men’s and women’s, which in a pair harmoniously complement each other. And if the focus of the line for the strong half are macho men, then the women’s collection was developed specifically for mysterious persons.

The actor began to get involved in fragrances long before he began to bring his talent to life. However, in 1999 he introduced his first perfume for the fragile and desirable half.

Women’s toilet water Antonio Banderas Diavolo Per Donna

The composition of bright and saturated shades is designed for women who love to be in the spotlight. At the same time, the fragrance reveals her sensuality and sophistication, and the opening trail awakens an incredible desire in men to conquer such a romantic person:

  • top notes: green tea, grapefruit and green notes;
  • heart notes: violet, rosehip flowers and nectarine;
  • base notes: plum, musk and sandalwood.

perfume antonio banderas

In 2005, the actor released the Diavolo for Woman fragrance from Antonio Banderas, which was paired with a men’s perfume. Mysterious, exciting and sly, but at the same time feminine and mischievous, he became a real temptation for those who inhaled his fragrance:

  • top notes: tangerine, citrus leaves and violet;
  • heart notes: cinnamon, rose and jasmine;
  • base notes: vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

perfume antonio banderas

Spirit for Woman

Launched in 2004, this citrus-infused floral fragrance is designed for cheerful and carefree beauties. Such a woman loves Latin American music and dreams of being conquered by a strong man:

  • top notes: plum, red fruit and orange blossom (orange blossom);
  • heart notes: peony, white iris and fragrant freesia;
  • base notes: sandalwood, musk and incense.

perfume antonio banderas

Blue Seduction Line

The floral-aquatic composition, complemented by a sweetish-tart trail, is intended for a mysterious and unpredictable woman. Created in 2008, the fragrance conquered fragile hearts with a harmonious combination of delicate rose petals, jasmine and lily of the valley. The revealing floral-oriental notes, like a raging river, hide unpredictability and mystery:

  • top notes: aroma of bergamot, melon, violet leaf and pear;
  • heart note: infused with gardenia, jasmine, peony, lily of the valley and Bulgarian rose;
  • base note: combination of raspberry, patchouli, musk and benzoin.

perfume antonio banderas

In 2011, the Spanish heartthrob released an updated version of this perfume, Blue Cool Seduction. Eau de toilette by Antonio Banderas is more suitable for a sensual, self-confident and at the same time passionate lady. The fresh and noble smell of women’s perfume is quite persistent and will suit representatives of any age:

  • top notes: notes of water, lemon, pear and freesia;
  • heart notes: beautiful rose, white gardenia and delicate peony;
  • base notes: patchouli, virginia cedar and musk.

perfume Antonio Banderas5

Her Secret line

Perfume for women by Antonio Banderas, created in 2012, reveals all the secrets of female seduction. Spicy accords of pink pepper and cinnamon harmonize with bitter citrus notes intertwined with vanilla and sweet strawberry. This mysterious «elixir of love» will become the main key to a man’s heart:

  • top notes: grapefruit, bitter orange, sweet strawberry, cardamom and pink pepper;
  • heart notes: tuberose and jasmine;
  • base notes: benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli and white cedar.

perfume antonio banderas

Each line of women’s perfumes from Antonio Banderas is a kind of elixir of sensuality, which is based on willpower, inner emancipation and passion. And even on the most ordinary day, the fragrance can transform a woman, making her perfect!