patterned mittens

Due to the fact that in the cold period a bulky and massive wardrobe takes all the main emphasis on itself, there are not so many options for beautiful additions. Today, designers offer to combine functionality and creativity in accessories. Therefore, mittens with a pattern have become the most popular decorations for any look.

Woolen felted mittens are considered the most beautiful. Such models are represented by hand-made accessories. Felting masters embody the most unusual ideas on warm mittens. The drawing can be quite small or betray the whole story. And colorful shades and rich patterns are sure to attract the attention of others to fashionable felted mittens with a pattern. However, such models are not always practical due to their everyday life. But it is necessary to take into account the addition of the image in each style.

Knitted and down mittens with a pattern

The most relevant hand accessories are knitted mittens made of woolen, half-woolen or acrylic yarn. Fur and down products have also gained popularity. However, it is difficult to decorate such fluffy mittens with a pattern or a pattern, since a long pile will simply hide an interesting idea.

Designers offer a choice of mittens with a pattern for every taste. You can also order a stylish accessory from craftswomen who will make a suitable model with a print in your individual style. But let’s see which patterned mittens are the most fashionable today?

Norwegian pattern mittens. One of the most popular are models with Norwegian ornaments. A drawing in this style can be large-scale for the entire product or transmit a separate fragment that will decorate any part of the mittens.

Floral pattern on mittens. The most beautiful and feminine are models with flowers. Today, such mittens can be chosen from both knitted and downy products. A large assortment of similar models is also presented in various ways of decorating with flowers. You can choose original mittens with an embroidered floral pattern. Also in fashion are models with knitted jacquard flowers. But the most original are mittens with applied decor made of felted wool or knitted jewelry.

Deer pattern mittens. In the cold season, prints in the New Year’s style are gaining great popularity. In order not to go around with drawings on a festive theme all winter, designers offer universal mittens with a deer pattern. Most often, such accessories can be found among products in the Norwegian style. But also downy models with sewn deer made of felted wool look original and unusual.

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