parkour gloves

Parkour is a sports direction, in the process of which you have to work a lot with your hands. If many guys oppose the use of gloves for training, then girls are more positive about such an accessory. To choose the right parkour gloves for you, pay attention, first of all, to the thickness and material of the product. These should be thin models to feel the surface with which you have to interact, but at the same time made of a very durable material so that they would not tear after the first cat-lip.

Why does a girl need parkour gloves?

Women’s hands are naturally softer and thinner than men’s. Therefore, when doing sports such as parkour or crossfit, it is better to protect your palms with gloves. Gloves also perform other functions:

  1. Comfort. Performing exercises on the street, you have to come into contact with various surfaces: glass, concrete, wood — so gloves are very convenient in this case. At the same time, they warm the hand in cool weather.
  2. The effectiveness of training. If there are a lot of calluses on the girl’s palms, then training will not bring benefits and pleasure. Therefore, such an accessory will help prevent their occurrence.
  3. Safety and hygiene. Gloves protect against cuts, splinters, bruises and wrist sprains. Therefore, when choosing your ideal pair, pay attention to those models that have a tight Velcro fastener on the wrist.

When choosing gloves, many people ask the question of cost. It will be difficult to say exactly how much parkour gloves cost, because it all depends on the brand and country of origin. On average, the price varies from 2000 rubles. up to 5000 rub. There are a number of athletes testing different models of gloves who claim that for the sake of cost savings, you can take garden gloves, only it will look a little ridiculous.

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