Celine bags - original accessories of a famous brand

The French brand Celine is known throughout the world for the development and production of accessories. Celine bags, which are of the highest quality and original design, are in special demand and well-deserved love among the fair sex.

Celine bags — how to distinguish a fake?

The brand became famous for creating exclusive models that many girls liked, so many fakes appeared, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order to make the right choice, it is recommended to carefully study certain characteristics of the product. The original Celine bag is distinguished by such inherent details:

  1. Material — preference is given to the skin, which is characterized by extreme softness. This parameter also determines that heavy things cannot be worn in the original product, since this can lead to deformation of its lines.
  2. accessorieswhich has its own distinctive features. For example, it can be a plank near the castle of a rectangular shape and the color of muted gold. On a fake, such a bar will be bright gold. The Luggage model is characterized by the presence of two internal pockets, one of which has a fastener, and the other does not.
  3. Smell — since only high quality leather is used for original accessories, it does not have a characteristic smell. The material used for the fake will smell pungent.
  4. Price — The original will be very expensive, its cost exceeds $ 2,000. Fakes are a much more budget option.
  5. The original will be subject to certificateso it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with it before purchasing an accessory.
  6. Full indication of the logowithout abbreviations.
  7. Symmetrical lines, identical cutsindicating the high quality of the product.

bag celine original

Bag Celine 2017

The designers of this famous French brand presented new models to the attention of consumers. Celine bags, collection 2017 are presented with the following options:

  • miniature models that can be worn like a clutch;
  • small bags that are attached to the belt;
  • a combination of two products — a regular size and a miniature, reminiscent of a wallet;
  • women’s bags Celine of classical rectangular shape;
  • the Luggage model, which is considered the highlight of this brand;
  • products that are very large in size and volume.

bag celine 2017

Bags Celine 2017

bags celine collection 2017

Celine Women’s Bags

Accessories of this brand are represented by an extremely wide range. Celine bag models are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • can be made from different materials, preference is given to leather or suede, options are possible when these two materials are harmoniously combined;
  • a variety of sizes, Celine women’s bags can be from miniature to the most voluminous;
  • a rich color scheme, which is represented by classic shades (black, white, beige), bright and saturated (for example, red, orange), color matching, and the use of prints.

celine women's handbags

Celine Women’s Bags

celine bag models

Celine Luggage bag

One of the brightest models, which can truly be called the highlight of this brand, is the Celine Luggage women’s bag. Created back in 2010 by creative director Phoebe Philo, this model has been highly sought after by women of all ages ever since. It is characterized by conciseness of details, elegant lines and practicality, it is characterized by the following distinctive features

  • a unique inimitable shape, so that it cannot be confused with any other products;
  • Celine bags are available in three sizes: mini (Nano), which is ideal as a cocktail option, medium and bulky;
  • the use and combination of different materials;
  • a variety of color palettes, available in classic black or brown or vibrant pinks, reds, blues and more.

women's bag celine luggage

Celine Trapeze bag

Celine women’s leather bags, made in the shape of a trapezoid, are characterized by uniqueness and originality. With their help, you can add variety to the image, since there is an opportunity to wear them in two versions: with protruding side parts or bending them inward. Most fashionistas prefer to use the first method, because it can be used to create an extraordinary bow. Moreover, the product can be made in different color variations:

  • to be completely monophonic, the black Celine bag is universal;
  • the central part can be made in one color, and the side ones in another.

celine women's leather handbags

Bag Celine Paris

Fashionistas who decide to update their wardrobe with accessories such as Celine bags very often opt for such a variety of models as Paris. This is due to a number of advantages that such products have:

  • incredible elegance;
  • the highest quality of materials used for manufacturing;
  • restraint, conciseness and simplicity of lines, which is associated with the impeccable taste of the owner of such a thing.

bag celine paris

Celine Mini bag

A great alternative to a clutch is the Celine handbag, made in a miniature size. It will become an indispensable addition to the evening dress, will give the image completeness and elegance. In addition, it will be appropriate to look both with a strict office suit and with a casual outfit. Models can be presented in such variations:

  • Celine bags on a chain that can be thrown over the shoulder;
  • on the strap, in this case, the product can also be in the hands;
  • there are accessories that are made with the possibility of attaching them to the belt;
  • be rectangular, trapezoidal or rounded.

celine mini bag

Celine bag by the stars

Fans of accessories produced by this brand are not only ordinary fashionistas, but also world celebrities who prefer to use original Celine bags to create their look. Photos taken by the paparazzi show that celebrities use products not only for special occasions and outings, but also for everyday walks. You can name the following stars who complement their images with these accessories:

  • American actresses Kate Upton, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Jordana Burster, Nicole Richie, Reese Witherspoon, Leighton Meester;
  • British supermodel who advertises Victoria Secret lingerie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley;
  • German supermodel, film actress Claudia Slate;
  • British singer, actress, fashion designer Lily Allen.

celine bag at the stars original celine bagsceline bags