Nina Richie Rose Apple

The now famous fashion house Nina Ricci recently acquired its own line of luxury perfumes. After the stunning success of the debutant, which was the fragrance Coeur-Joie, perfumers did not stop there. Eau de toilette L’air du Temps allowed to build on the success, giving the fashion house Nina Ricci not only more fame, but also a huge income from sales. Today, one bottle of Nina Ricci perfume is sold in the world every five seconds. Fans of perfumery, created by the son of the founder of the fashion house and his mother, highly appreciate its quality.

It’s no secret that in every store that sells luxury perfumes, Nina Ricci fragrances are always presented on the central shelves. This clearly indicates that the perfume house produces fragrances that are a model of charm, charm, femininity and sexuality. However, the visiting card was not to be the first fragrances that ensured the success of Nina Ricci, but an exquisite collection, which is called apple. She deserved such a name not only because of the perfume composition, in which apple notes are always present. The fact is that the bottles of all perfumes from this collection are made in the form of this fragrant fruit. It is very difficult to overestimate the genius of perfumers who managed to create such sensual and persistent fragrances, one of which is Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau, better known in our country as Rose Apple.

Description of fragrance

Perfume pyramid Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau became the second fragrance in the apple collection, retaining its philosophy. The soft pink apple-shaped bottle is the reason why Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau is called Rose Apple. Perfume Nina Ricci Rose Apple is a re-release of the long-loved perfume Nina Ricci Nina, released in 2006. Surprisingly, the sequel managed to outdo the original. The sugary-sweet notes were replaced by the lightness and freshness of floral accords. Perfume Nina Ritchie Rose Apple is balanced, so there can be no talk of any “compote”.

Released in 2013, the novelty, created by perfumer Olivier Cresp, from the first chords is able to charm, envelop with a marvelous aroma and lead away from the hustle and bustle through the floral-fruity labyrinth:

  • top notes: green apple, grapefruit, neroli, mandarin;
  • middle notes: cherry, gardenia, water notes;
  • base notes: musk.

Fresh pink perfume Nina Richie will captivate from the first notes. The fragrant green apple reveals its freshness, which is emphasized by subtle notes of mandarin and grapefruit,Nina Richie Rose Apple1 and then opens in the “heart” with heady cherries and breathtaking gardenia. Even six hours after application, a persistent, but unobtrusive musky trail is felt. Undoubtedly, the fragrance of Nina Richie Rose Apple deserves attention, and among women of various tastes, ages and life hobbies!

Fragrance advertising campaign

The face of Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau perfume was Frida Gustavsson, a top model from Sweden, who supported the concept laid down by the perfumers in a gentle romantic image created by photo artist Eugenio Recuenso. Every moment of the commercial for Nina Ricci Rose Apple Eau de Toilette reflects the essence of the entire perfume composition with absolute accuracy.