Every woman has a couple of fragrances that have become favorites from the moment they appeared on the shelves of perfume shops. But over time, you want to change something, and therefore designers are trying to please with fresh fragrances in the new season.

Fragrances of 2014 for women

Onde Sensuelle by L’Artisan Parfumeur

This year, L’Artisan Parfumeur’s family of fashionable fragrances for women has been replenished with three novelties at once. The first perfume with spicy notes and oriental character was called Onde Sensuelle.

Top notes: bergamot with cardamom and hints of grapefruit.

Middle notes: chords of saffron, ginger.

Base notes: musk and agar wood, as well as amber.

New fragrances for women 2014 1

Haute Voltige by L’Artisan Parfumeur

The second novelty is called Haute Voltige. This trendy perfume is designed for women who are chic, sweet and mysterious. This is a fragrance of abundance, belongs to the floral chypre family.

Top notes: aroma of black pepper with pomegranate.

Middle notes: combination of red peony and juniper fruit.

Base notes: woody notes resonate with oakmoss and fir balsam.

New fragrances for women 2014 2

Rappelle Toi by L’Artisan Parfumeur

The third new fragrance for women from L’Artisan Parfumeur is Rappelle-Toi. The aroma belongs to the group of floral spices. It is well suited to sensual and harmonious natures.

Top notes: combination of gin and pepper.

Middle notes: gardenia, incense.

Base notes: musk with honey, sandalwood.

New fragrances for women 2014 3

Coco Blanc by House of Matriarch

Among the new fragrances for women in 2014 is the unique and completely extraordinary Coco Blanc perfume from House of Matriarch. It can be considered a novelty in the list of winter fragrances for women 2014, as the composition is very reminiscent of a warm and sweet chocolate milk drink.

Top notes: milk chords.

Middle notes: coconut, woody notes, almond, pistachio and baking notes.

Base notes: muscle, skin.

New fragrances for women 2014 4

Precious Moments by Betty Barclay

For lovers of fresh and light scents from fashionable fragrances for women 2014, you should pay attention to Precious Moments perfume from Betty Barclay. This fashionable perfume for women 2014 belongs to the group of floral fragrances, romantic and emphasizing the natural immediacy.

Top notes: aroma of blackcurrant, notes of raspberries and green leaves.

Middle notes: cardamom, peony and freesia fragrance.

Base notes: vanilla caramel, woody notes and musk.

New fragrances for women 2014 5

Allegria by Rouge Bunny Rouge

The British house Rouge Bunny Rouge offers two fashionable fragrances for women in 2014 at once. Allegria perfume is very light, green and is perfect for dreamy and extraordinary natures. The fragrance belongs to the family of floral and light woody scents.

Top notes: grapefruit and passion fruit, notes of bergamot and bitter orange.

Middle notes: blackcurrant leaf, mimosa, mint with basil and eucalyptus.

Base notes: a combination of musk, cedar, tonka bean with hawthorn and notes of amber.

New fragrances for women 2014 6

Muse by Rouge Bunny Rouge

The second fashionable perfume for women in 2014 from Rouge Bunny Rouge is called Muse. It has a warmer character, with floral and amber notes. Belongs to the group of woody and floral scents.

Top notes: freesia, gardenia with bergamot, green leaves.

Middle notes: combination of jasmine with moss and labdanum.

Base notes: musk with cedar, amber and agar.

New fragrances for women 2014 7

Xoxo Luv for Women

Some new fragrances for women are released around the holidays. For example, the famous American brand Hoho presented the Xoxo Luv for Women fragrance for Valentine’s Day. This trendy perfume for women is filled with romance and is the epitome of love. Perfect for dates and spring/summer.

Top notes: fruity notes of grapefruit and orange, fresh accords of apple and passion fruit.

Middle notes: mango juice, white jasmine and peony.

Base notes: woody notes of musk, cedar and notes of amber, sweet vanilla.

New fragrances for women 2014 8

The new fragrances for women 2014 are very different and each of them may well claim a place in your collection of favorite fragrances.