moto raincoats

In the wardrobe of a modern girl you can see not only elegant dresses and skirts. For some of the fair sex, an important thing in the closet is a motorcycle raincoat.

What are motorcycle raincoats for girls?

Whether you travel by yourself on a motorcycle or often ride with your soulmate, with friends, you probably know how unpleasant it can be when the rain has caught you on the road. Moto raincoats help protect against bad weather, which, by the way, are different:

  1. The most elementary and cheapest is a polyethylene motorcycle raincoat, more like a raincoat. It is quite long, covers almost all clothes, but it is worth noting that this option is not at all reliable — the wind will blow it and moisture will get inside anyway. So, a polyethylene motorcycle raincoat will only save your head and shoulders from moisture.
  2. A one-piece motorcycle raincoat-overalls will qualitatively protect you and your motorcycle equipment from dirt and moisture. For example, such a membrane motorcycle raincoat will allow you to ride in heavy rain for several hours.
  3. Separate motorcycle raincoats are also popular. Pants and a jacket are worn over motorcycle equipment and allow you to feel comfortable. By the way, this variant, compared with the jumpsuit, is considered possibly less reliable in terms of protection, but more convenient.

Advantages of motorcycle raincoats

A motorcycle raincoat is an indispensable thing for those who like to ride a motorcycle not only around the city, but also over long distances. The advantages of this thing are obvious:

  • moto raincoat is not blown and does not get wet;
  • anti-slip fabric allows you to keep well on the seat;
  • reflective stripes increase the safety of motorcyclists even in very bad weather.

When choosing a motorcycle raincoat, pay attention not only to the model, but also to the fact that the seams of the motorcycle raincoat are well taped, that it has a lot of puffs, all kinds of straps for adjusting to size.

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