Mink mittens - how to choose and what to wear to look stylish?

Warm mink mittens are able to warm delicate female hands even in the most severe frost. At the same time, the palms do not sweat in them, so discomfort does not occur even with an unexpected rise in temperature. In addition, these products look very stylish and, like other things made of natural fur, are very popular with fashionistas all over the world.

How to choose mink mittens?

Among the huge range of such accessories, choosing the right model can be very difficult. The price range for mink mittens is incredibly wide, so many of the fair sex give their preference to cheaper options. Meanwhile, trying to save money, you can very much miscalculate the quality of the product and subsequently be seriously disappointed in the purchase. To avoid this, in the process of choosing and acquiring, you must be guided by the following recommendations of stylists:

  • the most important thing is to carefully check the quality of the fur. Shake it in your hands and be sure to stroke the villi against growth. High-quality mink pile does not break, very quickly returns to its original state and causes an unusually pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with delicate female skin. Artificial counterparts, on the contrary, can split and break, change direction under the influence of an external force, or remain in the hands;
  • be sure to pay attention to the quality of the seams. In high-quality accessories, they are practically invisible, threads do not stick out anywhere, any, even the smallest, holes are absent;
  • in general, natural mink mittens should be elastic and soft;
  • do not discount the lining material, because it depends on how well the skin of the hands will breathe. So, it is best to choose models in which the lining is made of cotton or thin knitwear. Products with polyester can cause discomfort during prolonged wear — they often have a «greenhouse» effect;
  • finally, in order to purchase a real high-quality accessory, you need to understand how much mink mittens cost. On average, the price for these products is from 80 to 100 USD, and for elongated models — from 100 to 150 USD. If you buy a thing out of season, and special offers of the store apply to it, you can make a purchase for 50 USD, but not cheaper. Since such mittens are made from natural fur skins, which in themselves have a high cost, their price cannot be too low, and all unusually profitable offers should alert the buyer.

how to choose mink mittens

Women’s mink mittens

Beautiful and incredibly elegant mink mittens are popular with many beautiful ladies, however, depending on the age, women’s preferences may be different. So, young ladies in most cases choose knitted models with decor from fur skins or knitted mittens made of mink fur, which are distinguished by a bright and unusual appearance.

Older women, on the contrary, are almost always attracted to classic products made from whole skins, combining chic, luxury and feminine charm. Such accessories are produced by a huge number of factories and factories around the world, so every fashionista can choose the right option among a wide range. For example, in Russia and Ukraine, one of the most common options are Kalyaev mink mittens, which are considered the best choice in terms of price-quality ratio.

women's mink mittens

Mink fur mittens

Warm mittens made of solid mink look very elegant. They are ideal for complementing business and romantic looks, go well with classic coats and fur coats and serve their owner for a very long time. With proper care, such products can please their mistress for up to 10 seasons in a row, and even more if they are not worn too often. In addition, among the entire range of similar accessories, whole mink mittens are the warmest.

mink fur mittens

Knitted mink mittens

Stylish and attractive knitted mink mittens are the choice of many young girls. The technology of their production is not very simple — fur skins are sewn in strips on wool or acrylic yarn, resulting in a thick thread, from which mittens are subsequently knitted. Knitted mittens made of mink fur are very dense and elastic, they beautifully fit a woman’s hand and warm it perfectly. In addition, in the collections of many manufacturers such accessories are presented with a missing or removable top.

knitted mink mittens

Long mink mittens

For many models of fur coats and coats with incomplete sleeves, long mink mittens are suitable, covering the arms almost to the elbow. They are much warmer than classic products and, in combination with long-sleeved outerwear, can cause discomfort. In addition, elongated variations are much more expensive than regular mittens of traditional length.

long mink mittens

Mink mittens

Modern technologies allow to make mink mittens in various ways. When using whole skins for one pair, raw materials from one large or two small animals are required, so the production costs of such products are impressive. To save money, experts sew accessories from the remaining pieces, making them much cheaper. Meanwhile, the appearance of such products does not suffer at all — they look bright, incredibly interesting and very attractive.

mink pieces mittens

Mink and leather mittens

Women’s mink mittens can also be made using other materials, such as genuine leather. Combined models have a lower cost than solid accessories and an original appearance. So, leather inserts in these products can be arranged in the form of cells, stripes, various patterns. The most popular are variations in which the front outer side is completely made of fur, and the inner side is made of leather.

mink and leather mittens

How to wear mink mittens?

Women’s mink fur mittens are a versatile accessory that can be worn in almost any situation. They can complement an evening look in which a fur coat is worn over an elegant dress, a casual look based on traditional jeans and a down jacket, or a business outfit in which a sheepskin coat plays one of the main roles. If desired, mink mittens can be supplemented with fur headphones, identical in tone and texture — this will help create an unusual youth look that will not leave its owner unattended.

how to wear mink mittenshow to wear mink mittens

Colored mink mittens

Beautiful mink mittens are mainly made in the traditional colors characteristic of this animal — brown, white, tan or black. However, some girls give their preference to bright models obtained as a result of chemical coloring. With the help of modern technologies, it is possible to paint such accessories in the most unusual colors — hot pink, blue, emerald green, yellow and so on.

Such products are great for complementing youth images. They can be combined with winter jackets of various styles, trendy short sheepskin coats, avtolady fur coats and other types of outerwear. At the same time, you should not choose wardrobe items of a classic or business style — it is right to give preference to ordinary jeans, tight trousers or miniskirts and shorts in combination with tight tights.

colored mink mittens

White mink mittens

Mink white mittens look luxurious. They create around their owner an atmosphere of freshness, novelty and sophistication. Such accessories look great with mink coats and classic coats of any shade, with the exception of snow-white — this combination, according to stylists, looks too pretentious. Meanwhile, these products are completely impractical — any pollution instantly remains on them, which are then very difficult to remove, so these models quickly lose their appearance.

white mink mittens

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