mexx fly high

The Mexx company began producing perfumes relatively recently – in 1996, but for almost 20 years of its existence in this field it has greatly succeeded. Mexx perfume is known, loved, preferred. By the way, democratic prices and such a “trick” of the company as the release of fragrances “for her” and “for him” play a significant role in popularity. It is always pleasant to please a loved one with a surprise, and it is doubly pleasant to tell him in this way about your feelings, that you want to be his soul mate, share his interests, tastes and even smells.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are also attracted by “joyful” aromas, with which there is no place for depression, sadness and sadness. The freshness characteristic of Mexx dispels negativity, inspires confidence in today and tomorrow, inspires, inspires new successes.

Mexx Fly High Woman description

Perfume Mexx Fly High appeared in 2007 and immediately “attracted” the girls, first with a flirtatious, delicate design of the bottle, and then with their simple but wonderful fragrance.

Women’s perfume Mexx High Fly is light as a cloud, juicy as ripe fruit, mysterious as a warm summer night. Their bouquet is revealed by such notes:

  • top notes represented by a hybrid of 4 citrus fruits yuzu and fragrant watermelon – both of these smells perfectly cheer up, help to concentrate, relieve fatigue and stress;
  • middle notes they smell of stephanotis and lilac, bringing novelty and strength to the aroma;
  • base notes are based on sandalwood and cedar, which emphasize the harmony of other notes, pacify, give the fragrance nobility.

The notes are perfectly combined with each other, flowing one into another calmly, without sharp explosions and falls, making it possible to feel each stage of its change.

Who would like Mexx Fly High fragrance?

Several categories of women will like this perfume:

  • romantic, dreamy natures, sensitive, loving to observe nature, inhale subtle, light aromas;
  • mysterious ladies who seek to embody their mystery in appearance;
  • festive and enchanting women, for whom obstacles in life are not a reason to worry, but a reason to overcome them and move on at the same pace;
  • young and uninhibited girls who mexx fly high1want to have an individual style.

It is no coincidence that this perfume bears such a name – Fly High, which means “to ascend high”. With this smell, it is easy to do this – you just need to apply a couple of drops on the body in the morning and soar all day and is at a height unattainable for everyone.

Mexx Fly High eau de toilette is characterized as a persistent, full fragrance, especially suitable for spring and summer, preferring daytime heat to evening coolness, respectively, best revealed in the daytime. Why they are suitable for a spring or summer day is quite understandable – at this time, few people want to feel cloying, excessive sweetness, but a sip of citrus mix or watermelon juice is what you need to feel great and attractive.

Mexx Fly High Woman is unlikely to disappoint you, rather, it will cause emotion and take pride of place on your perfume shelf, and, perhaps, become your favorite fragrance. By the way, this perfume has a low price, which also cannot but rejoice.