long cashmere gloves

After the import regime for cashmere yarn from China was eased, prices for cashmere yarns began to decline pleasantly. The second point that affected the cost was the fact that the producing countries themselves began to produce some goods. As a result, such pleasant little things as cashmere gloves began to appear not only in expensive brands, but also in brands with a more democratic pricing policy.

What are long cashmere gloves?

Depending on the things with which you would like to wear your accessory, its main characteristics will depend: length, color, presence or absence of fingers. The most common options that are most commonly found in stores today are:

  1. Mid-length fingered gloves. These are well suited for the street – their length exceeds the classic, going about 10 cm above the wrist. They are conveniently hidden under any outerwear. You can also wear a sweater with three-quarter sleeves.
  2. Mid-length fingerless gloves. Another handy pattern. Like the first ones, they can be worn with short sleeve tops. The main difference is that such a model of mittens is also appropriate indoors, and not just outdoors.
  3. Long cashmere fingerless gloves. Pleasant to the touch, warm and cozy, they will easily complement any pullover or short sleeve dress. You don’t even have to worry too much about texture compatibility: these mittens go well with almost everything except for too light or elegant fabrics – chiffon, satin and the like.
  4. Double gloves. This original version looks like ordinary woolen ones, on which leather biker-type gloves are put on top (without fingers, with a notch on the back of the hand). Ideal for young ladies who are looking for opportunities to express themselves.

Caring for women’s cashmere gloves

There are a number of points that are worth knowing and remembering, since you have acquired such a delicate thing as cashmere gloves. First, when sending them for storage in a closet, take care of protection from moths. To do this, in the bag in which the gloves will be stored, you can put a bag of aromatic herbs (sachet), a bar of soap or orange peels.

Secondly, cashmere gloves need regular washing. In addition to the planned one – at the end of the season, it is advisable to wash them throughout the entire period when you wear them. Contrary to popular belief, wearing out is much more damaging to cashmere than multiple washes. Gloves are washed, like other woolen items, with liquid detergent in manual mode.