Large women's bags - what are they and what to wear?

Among the female representatives, who need to do a lot of things a day and visit different places, women’s large bags have become incredibly relevant. Business women want this accessory not to look oversized, but to be feminine and natural, so the question often arises of how not to make a mistake with the choice.

Big bags 2017

The main criterion when choosing an accessory is its spaciousness and comfortable style. However, in addition to practicality, attention is also paid to attractive design, which is reflected in the following trends:

  • a universal choice would be a product of classic colors, in which gray, blue, burgundy, brown and black can be attributed;
  • in 2017, quilted and puffy models are relevant, patterns and textures may be similar to the material of clothing;
  • decorations with the help of all kinds of pendants, fringes and brushes will become popular;
  • the presence of straps, rivets and locks will be present in many models;
  • products are decorated with floral prints, appliqués, paintings and embroidery.

The following large bags will be popular in 2017:

  • hobos, which are crescent-shaped and have one short, wide handle;
  • postman – a convenient model, where there is an adjustable length strap and one or fasteners;
  • a dome is considered a stylish model, where there is a semi-oval top with two. This option is perfect for business meetings or everyday wear;
  • the shopper model is very roomy, an excellent option for shopping;
  • Weekender – the product is characterized by a soft design, everything you need will fit into it.

big bags 2017big bags

Large bags for women

Products of significant sizes have become quite a familiar accessory, but every woman should find a convenient option for herself. When choosing women’s large stylish bags, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • you should pay attention to the handle, it must be securely fixed, because such a thing involves carrying a certain weight;
  • it is better not to opt for very thin handles, because they can quickly rub off at the attachment points;
  • a very convenient option for wearing will be large shoulder bags with a long handle, while they can be supplemented with a shorter one;
  • The main problem that women often face is the long search for the right thing. Therefore, the presence of additional compartments will be a plus.

large shoulder bagslarge bags for women

Large knit bags

A large bag made of knitted yarn looks incredibly beautiful, products can have different styles, shapes, shades and decorative design:

  • the bag is comfortable and roomy, it can be made of thick or thin yarn, this base affects the softness of its structure. You can decorate it in different ways, often there is a special lace in the clasp;
  • the bag looks very original in knitted yarn. It is complemented by a rigid handle on the mounts or a belt. The accessory is complemented by a solid bottom, which gives it a peculiar shape;
  • the shopper has a light weight and straps that are securely fastened, hold their shape well;
  • in the summer, many women resort to a beach model, which can also be made of knitted yarn, so it will be comfortable and light;
  • A backpack made of knitted yarn is an excellent option for fashionistas who want to feel free in their hands, it is very light and roomy.

large knitted bagslarge bag of knitted yarn

Large wicker bags

Large shoulder bags made using weaving remain popular. Natural material is characterized by environmental friendliness and durability, which is an advantage over artificial models. The thing attracts with its forms and is presented in the following variations:

  • basket – the most common option, which is decorated with different types of lace, tassels, patterns, appliqués and pompons;
  • wicker backpack has become a trend, it will allow fashionistas to stand out from the crowd.
  • voluminous bag products, which are indispensable for shopping.

large woven bags

Large transparent bag

Transparent things will add lightness, tenderness and romance to the image. Large handbags have the following features:

  • may have a long handle or a short one that must be carried in the hand;
  • transparency does not mean that it will be colorless, such a thing can have any shade, only it will shine through the contents;
  • all kinds of decoration are used, these can be locks, fasteners or shiny elements.

large transparent bag

Large shopper bags

At first, such a model as a shopper was created for business women, but gradually gained momentum in popularity and there are many models that are suitable for any event. This is a three-dimensional model, which has a greater length than height, it is characterized by such details:

  • the main feature is the presence of a large department, the product is not complemented by an upper zipper and valves;
  • thanks to its spaciousness, the shopper has become a beach option, and designers often present it in classic blue and white colors. For going to work, a universal large black bag is suitable;
  • there are models in which there is a style of untidiness, the main material is fed with raw edges.

big shopping bagslarge shoulder bags

Large beach bags

Huge sizes are very relevant in beach options, the main thing is that the thing has lightness and grace. Stylish large bags of various colors are in fashion, these can be green, pink and blue shades. Fashionistas choose an accessory with a bright print: tropical landscapes, floral patterns, cartoon characters and berry ornaments. Products decorated with knitting and fringe remain in the trend. You can choose a modest retro version with floral patterns and ethnic motifs or a spectacular one with a psychedelic and mesmerizing pattern.

large beach bags

Women’s branded tote bags

Global accessory companies regularly produce large beautiful women’s bags in their collections. Brand models come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, with each brand bringing their own distinctive details to their creation. Branded products have the following advantages:

  • mainly made of genuine leather, because the manufacturer guarantees the quality of his product;
  • women’s large stylish bags are equipped with a durable handle that has a secure fit;
  • inside there is a high-quality finish made of reliable materials and the main departments for the phone and wallet.

women's branded tote bagslarge beautiful women's bags

Chanel big bags

Chanel is a global brand that creates beautiful and comfortable large women’s bags made of genuine leather, which are of high quality. The collection will delight any lady with its simplicity and sophistication at the same time, it is characterized by such distinctive details:

  • classic and monochrome colors remain fashionable colors. However, lovers of brightness will find models in fruity and floral shades;
  • Chanel continues to produce voluminous and puffy women’s tote bags, where practicality and comfort come first;
  • Chanel designers continue to experiment with many different textures and combine them into one piece.

large chanel bags

Large Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton, a world-famous brand, produces women’s large leather bags and invariably attracts the attention of others. The following memorable models can be noted:

  • The travel Keepall is made of high-quality leather and equipped with strong handles and has a traditional checkered pattern. Comes with a padded shoulder strap;
  • Capucines are medium-sized, trapezoid-shaped, fastened with a flap in the form of the LV logo. Women’s large shoulder bag is presented in solid colors, with the addition of a detachable belt;
  • The Speedy 25 is a soft accessory with signature embossing throughout. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to wear it as a clutch bag.
  • the brand has famous women’s large bags called Noe, which look like a bag with a strong bottom;
  • Louis Vuitton has launched a patchwork line that combines fur, leather and all sorts of fabrics.

louis vuitton tote bag

Michael Kors big bags

Legendary designer Michael Kors crafts large leather bags from high-quality materials that hold their shape and don’t deform when worn. They have the following characteristics:

  • inner lining piecework with strong seams;
  • have their own unique logo, which is sewn or tied to the handle of the accessory;
  • the brand offers a series of Jet Set Travel and Saffiano, which includes capacious women’s large travel bags. They are equipped with neat narrow handles and golden fittings. Inside there are 5 figured pockets, which have a high-quality lining. Can be made in brown, black and dark pink;
  • another model is Michael Kors Cynthia, the accessory is presented in several variants of different colors and sizes. All products are complemented by gold fittings and a metal logo hanging on it;
  • Sutton Medium Satchel Tote – the model is equipped with two standard handles and an adjustable strap.

michael kors big bags

What to wear with a big bag?

When choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories that complement it, depending on the style, it is important to consider the following points:

  • the bag goes well with office clothes, it will easily accommodate everything you need for work. Such a large bag as an accent in the image will be indispensable;
  • The bag is designed for a casual look, this accessory can be worn both on the shoulder and in the hands. It will be effectively complemented by casual outfits;
  • a voluminous model with short handles is most suitable for an evening dress; it is better to complement it with large jewelry and high-heeled shoes.

how to carry a big baglarge bag as an accent in the image