coarse knit snood

Snood with a large knit can become a bright highlight of the image, and all this is due to its embossed pattern or simply the texture of the accessory. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why fashionistas prefer this type of scarf. Of course, it will warm you in bad weather, but, importantly, it will help you look stylish, regardless of weather conditions. In the collections of such famous brands as Chanel, Veronica Beard and Ace & Jig, you can see many such fashion accessories based on coarse knitting.

How to wear a snood scarf with a large knit?

Everyone knows that the main accessory of the collections of fashion brands for the autumn-winter 2016 season was a voluminous scarf made of merino wool. In addition to the fact that such products look very impressive with any outerwear, it also turned out that the material itself has a beneficial effect on a person. So, merino wool has unique properties: lanolin, which is part of it, relieves pain in muscles and joints.

Continuing the conversation about how to wear it correctly, whether it is a woolen, mohair or thick knitted snood made of thick yarn, it is worth mentioning that it goes well with a fur coat, and with a coat, and with a leather jacket. True, in order for the look to look harmonious, it is important to pay attention to the material of the scarf — of course, it is better not to wear woolen beauty at positive temperatures outside the window.

A scarf collar can be used as a cape on the head or as a beautiful voluminous collar. In the latter case, stylists recommend gently pulling over your shoulders.

If your option is an accessory with a fringe, then wear it like a regular snood, but do not forget to straighten the tassels beautifully. And with a variegated color scheme of a collar based on large knitting, it is better to wear plain clothes.

When it is necessary to make the snood a bright accessory, stylists advise not to wrap it around the neck twice. Let it form a beautiful vertical, which will become the main accessory of the image.