knitted snood

With the onset of cold weather, every fashionista thinks about replenishing her wardrobe with such a stylish accessory as a snood. It has gained a lot of popularity lately. One of its types is such a product as knitted snood.

Snudy knitted scarves

Knitted snood is a truly universal thing. It can complement both outerwear and casual attire, which is used for going to the office. With the onset of the autumn-spring or winter seasons, knitted yarn snood will reliably protect you from the cold.

There are the following most common options for wearing scarves:

  1. Snood on the neck. If the product has a short length, then it can simply be worn around the neck, like beads. Thus, he is dressed with simple dresses or jackets as an accessory. If the scarf is medium or long, it can be folded into 2 or 3 turns, in which case it will be a good addition to tight-fitting clothing. The snood looks spectacular in the form of a cape, if its loops are stretched to the shoulders.
  2. Snood on the head. The scarf can be worn as a bonnet or hood. In this case, it will be successfully combined as a “2 in 1” — a headdress and a scarf itself. He is dressed in this way: folded in half to make two rings and put on around the neck. The place where the loops cross should be in front. One of the formed rings is put on the head. The use of this method provides for the production of women’s knitted hats-snoods.
  3. Snood cape. By evenly distributing parts of the scarf over the shoulders, you can get such a spectacular decoration of the image as a cape. At the same time, its owner will be reliably protected from the cold.
  4. Snood vest. It can be done as follows: put on a scarf on one arm, pull it up to your shoulder, then twist it on your back so that a “figure eight” is formed. In this case, you get a second loop, into which the second hand is threaded, and the vest is ready.