Knitted hats

Knitted, cotton, woolen – the variety of hats is great, but many of the fair sex prefer models made of knitwear. This material is good in softness and elasticity. Women’s knitted hats are popular in any season, because the density of this material can vary. If hats made of merino wool with the addition of elastane are relevant in winter, then in autumn and spring models made of cotton and synthetics are in demand.

Fashionable knitwear hats

Among the variety of models for women, fashionable knitted beanie hats that fit the head tightly stand out. Often these hats are made of plain jersey with a smooth texture. Thin knitted beanie hats are often decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, large flowers or multi-colored pebbles. Such accessories are perfectly combined with outerwear in a classic style. A jersey hat decorated with a bright print, catchy lettering, a large embroidered or printed logo can be an excellent addition to a cropped youth down jacket or a stylish sweatshirt.

Emphasize the dynamics of street style and a hat-stocking made of knitwear. The freely falling part of such hats allows you to model the headdress at your discretion. Women’s knitted hats of this model look great in combination with sunglasses. The image is very stylish and somewhat daring.

Another current model is a hat with earflaps. Often, these hats are made of natural fur or yarn, but you can also see knitwear models on sale. Designers decorate hats with earflaps with funny pigtails, fur pom-poms, knitted flowers. Of course, a knitted hat with earflaps cannot claim the status of a universal one, since it does not fit into any bow, but it is still worth having such a stylish accessory in your wardrobe.

Well, the most daring fashionistas are offered to wear incredibly trendy hats-helmets that will certainly attract the attention of others. However, it should be remembered that such models are not for everyone.

Monochromatic and multi-colored, laconic and decorated with decorative elements, classic and trendy – knitted hats deserve to be in every girl’s wardrobe!