knitted hat and snood

By purchasing a set consisting of a headdress and a scarf, you already make it easier for yourself, knowing that during the creation of the look you will not need to rack your brains over what color accessories to choose for this or that outerwear, jacket and other things. A knitted hat and snood can be safely worn not only in warm autumn, but also in spring and rainy summer evenings.

What to wear with a set of snood and knitted hats?

Before acquiring such beauty, it is important not only to remember about the most fashionable colors that Pantone, the universally recognized organization in the field of color, has recognized as popular this season, but also about your color type. This rule also applies to the choice of hats and knitwear for a child.

  1. So, do not forget that a set of colors such as beige, mustard, burgundy, marsh, emerald, light chocolate and cappuccino will suit the autumn color type.
  2. “Spring” will come in handy with a hat and scarf in bright colors and colors: yellow, light green, bright red, peach, powdery, carrot, cucumber.
  3. Muted shades and colors “fly” to the face: lilac, purple, asphalt, gray-green, dark blue.
  4. «Winter» — the following color set: fuchsia, blue, deep purple, black, light lilac, purple.

By the way, if your set includes a beanie hat, you should know that it goes well with any clothes, while its shape can be the most unpredictable. Together with snood, it will be the perfect complement to sweater dresses, leather jackets, demi-season coats, sweatshirts and parkas. Today, it is not necessary to wear a hat just to keep you warm. Stylists answer this with only one thing: “A hat can be an integral part of the look, and therefore it is allowed not to take it off indoors.”