Knitted collars are what many call timeless and never out of fashion classics. With the help of such an accessory, the neck can be visually lengthened or made shorter. In addition, today there is a considerable variety of such collars and, first of all, they all differ in ornament, knitting texture, and pattern.

The main types of knitted collars

  1. collar. This type of knitted collar resembles a scarf. To look fashionable, it can be worn in the form of a loop, volumetric slide or stole. It is worth mentioning that there are no strict recommendations in this regard.
  2. Apache. A wide open collar can be found in a shirt, jacket, cardigan, coat, blouse, sweater. A coat with such a collar ideally hides a small bust, and also aligns the proportions of the figure.
  3. English. In most cases, such a knitted collar is created for coats, dresses, jackets, with which the collar looks unusual and stylish. Its distinctive feature is the lapels, which are the lower part of the collar. The most interesting thing is that it visually deepens the neckline.
  4. plank. Initially, this collar was created exclusively for men’s clothing. But today it adorns many elegant blouses, girlish dresses, shirts. Moreover, overhead or removable knitted collars are created.
  5. jabot. The personification of a strict style, royal luxury – this is how this type of collar can be described. It is worth mentioning that for the first time suits with a frill appeared in Europe in the 17th century among the French, from where the collar got its name. The most interesting thing is that in those days, clothes with this decoration were considered a sign of wealth and greatness.
  6. Lacy. If the above types of collars can be easily created using knitting needles, then this beauty is exclusively crocheted. In addition, the collar will serve as a decoration for the outfit.