knitted bib

Every self-respecting fashionista knows about the important role of accessories. In most cases, it is the accessory that helps to make the image more harmonious, complete, add zest to it. At different times of the year, various additions to clothing come to the fore, and many believe that it is problematic to find a stylish accessory in cold autumn and winter. But in fact, this is not so: stylish scarves, stoles, belts and many other items do an excellent job when it’s cold outside. We dedicate this article to beautiful knitted shirt-fronts for women – a very original and practical element.

Knitted neck collars

Often it is the neck that feels the most discomfort from wind and frost. If your outerwear has a low neckline or a collar that doesn’t close tightly enough, then the need for a warm scarf becomes especially high. But knitted shirt-fronts have become an excellent alternative today, which look very beautiful and warm wonderfully. Let’s look at the most popular models:

  1. Bib with voluminous throat. This model is the most practical and warm. With her, no frost will be at all. Such an item is in perfect harmony with coats, leather jackets, parkas and trench coats, which have a loose top.
  2. Openwork knitted bib. It is rather a decorative element, although it will also protect from wind and rain. An openwork shirt-front should be chosen to match the clothes, because it can not be removed indoors.
  3. Knitted shirt-front with decor. Today, models decorated with knitted flowers, butterflies, and various patterns are extremely popular. Such a thing will help emphasize individual style, add romance and tenderness to the image.
  4. Knitted shirt-front on a snake. Some consider this solution more practical, but a number of rules should be followed in caring for such an accessory. After all, improper washing can lead to the fact that the product will stretch, and the snake will act ugly.
  5. Bib complete with hat or headband. This combination is considered to be the best addition to street casual style. The image will become thoughtful and harmonious, and its owner will feel stylish, attractive and protected from any vagaries of the weather. The main thing is to choose a shirt-front and a bandage in a color that suits your appearance color type.