Knitted bags - the most stylish models and what to wear them with?

Knitted accessories came into fashion many years ago and firmly settled there. And knitted bags have gained their popularity due to their excellent appearance, practicality and variety of decor. The color scheme and knitting methods delight with beauty and variety. If your wardrobe does not have such a «girlfriend» — be sure to think about purchasing it.

Knitted bags 2018 — fashion trends

The latest trends and novelties of the world of the fashion industry show us the collections of famous designers. If last year, “flashy colors” and a slightly “crazy” decor were added to such an accessory as knitted bags, then fashionable knitted bags 2018 are more concise models. Such a handbag should complement the image, be with it in the same style or color scheme. Their beauty is emphasized by the elegance of the external design and perfect weaving with minimal decor. The highlight of the trendy accessory models are different types of fasteners, locks and ties.

knitted bags 2018 fashion trendsknitted bags 2018

Fashionable knitted bags

Knitted bags have long ceased to be just beach accessories. Due to their great popularity, fashion designers have made them a fashionable and elegant accessory for all occasions. In different periods of time, different requirements were presented to them. Knitted bags in 2018 should look good with what you are wearing and be one with the chosen image. One of the most fashionable solutions is a cross-body bag, that is, a bag that is worn over the shoulder. Pair it with casual or urban chic for a trendy look. Choose for the occasion and the shape of the handbag:

  • trapezoidal — everyday option, suitable for walking around the city or for gatherings with friends in a cafe. Refreshes the image and gives a little «playfulness». Knitwear and bags are also very popular. They are comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Their success is due to fashion, style, and personal preferences;

fashion knitted bagsknitted bags 2018

  • rectangular — a handbag of this shape is perfect for work and business meetings. A clutch of this form will be an excellent «companion» of an evening dress at a festive banquet or a romantic dinner. A well-chosen accessory can harmoniously complement the image and become its highlight.

stylish knitted bags

They differ from each other not only in shapes, but also in knitting methods, patterns, materials and sizes. Such a variety of them provides an opportunity to choose a model for any style of clothing and satisfy the taste needs of the most fastidious fashionistas. Many designers from year to year show them in their collections and advise to have such a product in their «bag» wardrobe.

Knitted bags from knitted yarn

It looks very interesting and holds its shape well. It looks beautiful and interesting due to volumetric knitting. One aspect of their popularity is the ability to knit such a model yourself. For those who are fond of hand-made or those who know how to knit a little, this will not create problems. Using precise weaving patterns, you can achieve an interesting and exclusive result. But you can buy a stylish product and ready-made. It is worth noting that in one form or another, knitted knitted bags are a budget product, which allows every fashionista to flaunt with a trendy accessory in her hands.

knitted bags from knitted yarn

Knitted bags from knitted yarn

knitted knitted bagsfashion knitted bags 2018

Knitted bag with clasp

The clasp is one of the varieties of fasteners in the form of a rigid frame. It is used not only to create bags, but also wallets. Clasps are either rectangular or oval. There are also with various curls and concave, but a more concise form looks better. A handbag with this clasp mixes modernity and vintage. Its advantages include strength and reliability. They are durable and easy to use. Beautiful knitted bags with such a clasp add elegance and usefulness to the image. Perfectly complement the business style or a romantic summer look.

fashion knitted bags

Knitted bag with clasp

beautiful knitted bagsclasp knitted bag

Knitted round bag

If you want to give the image of lightness and coquetry — using such a handbag would be the right decision. Often an accessory of this form is a cross-body. A similar knitted shoulder bag is complemented by a long comfortable strap. Practical and versatile, you can wear it in any weather, it will suit both a coat, and a summer sundress, and an oversize sweater. Having given preference to such a product, the hands always remain free, and everything you need: money, keys, phone — is always at hand. A round bag will please a practical person at any age, and will also be a great purchase for little girls.

knitted round bagknitted shoulder bag

Knitted bags-backpacks

Backpacks of medium or small size are a worthy alternative to bags. They are worn on one or both shoulders. It is convenient to wear for a walk in the park, on a visit or to a meeting with friends. They are especially popular this year. Every fifth girl who meets on the street prefers them in everyday life. It has long ceased to be an attribute of only a sporty style. Knitted backpacks, like bags, fit both shorts with sneakers and maxi dresses. Knitted bags 2018 and backpacks have definitely become an integral part in the life of a modern woman. Children’s backpacks look especially cute.

knitted bags backpacks

Knitted bags-backpacks

knitted bags 2018knitted bags from knitted yarn

Knitted bag with wooden handles

Models of knitted bags evoke associations with a string bag that every Soviet family had. But modernity and the efforts of designers have created a marvelous and super-elegant accessory. Practicality remained, but beauty and versatility appeared. In addition to wood, bamboo is also used for handles. Mostly worn on the bend of the elbow, shoulder and just in the hand. Preferably during the summer season. This is due to the color scheme, shape and decor. Such a model is included in the general understanding of fashion trends. The use of natural, natural materials and practicality are the squeak of modern trends.

knitted bag with wooden handlesknitted bag patterns

Knitted bag in boho style

Stylists say that a handbag can say a lot about the character of its owner. Products in this style are a special caste of accessories, because they have individuality. Light shabby, natural materials are the hallmarks. These stylish knitted bags are often created by needlewomen in single copies, and you will not find another one like it. They are original and non-trivial, so they are ideal for creative individuals striving for freedom of expression. They are restrained in decor, but simplicity is clearly “read” in them.

knitted bag patternsboho style knitted bag

Knitted shopper bag

This is the case when «I carry everything with me.» Very roomy accessory that fits everything you need and even more. It was created on purpose, because it is translated from English as “buyer”. From which it follows that when going shopping — this is an excellent «assistant». Mostly made with a minimum amount of detail and decor in a solid color scheme. But there are also embroidered knitted bags with bright colors. It is comfortable to carry on the shoulder, but shortened handles allow you to hold it in your hand or hang it in the crook of your elbow. This is a casual version of the product, often used as knitted beach bags.

embroidered knitted bagsknitted shopper bag

Knitted sack bag

That category of bags, which is great for everyday wear, is also called a sack. This year’s fashion trends gravitate towards voluminous, soft and simple shaped accessories with good ergonomics and functionality. This bag has short handles and a minimalistic design. Often equipped with a convenient inner and outer zippered pocket for coins or keys, there is also a compartment for the phone. Such an original accessory model is in demand among young girls and older women. A knitted sack bag is a necessary attribute for creating a modern look.

knitted sack bagknitted bag bag

Knitted marshmallow bags

A great option for evening events, romantic dates or cocktail parties. Small bag, with braided strap and chain, light and very elegant. It is crocheted from ribbon knitted yarn, which creates volume and an interesting texture. Pleasant to the touch and beautiful in appearance. There are bright, acid colors, but they can also be performed in delicate colors. The pink knitted bag looks like a marshmallow, hence the fancy name. They are mostly handmade, so the prices for handbags are affordable. In terms of functionality and appearance, they are very similar to a clutch.

pink knitted bagknitted marshmallow bags

What to wear with a knitted bag?

Looks great in combination with shorts, comfortable boyfriend jeans. The main thing in the image is freedom and practicality. The shopper looks great with bright sweatshirts, bomber jackets and jeans, or slim-fit trousers. Shoes should be comfortable, for example, sneakers are fine. In the summer season, it will make an excellent «company» for going to the beach with a pareo and flip flops. Backpacks will be well worn with casual, urban, sports style with flat sandals, ballet flats or sneakers. Knitted bags and boots made of leather or suede are also a good solution.

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