kid gloves

In anticipation of the cold period, it is important to take care not only of practical and warm clothes, but also accessories. After all, additions to the image perform not only a decorative function, but also largely affect comfort. So, one of the relevant and stylish accessories in the autumn-winter season are gloves. This device protects the handles from freezing and weathering, while demonstrating sophistication, elegance and elegance. Of course, depending on the design, the gloves emphasize femininity and sophistication in the image more or less. And if the above qualities are especially important for you, then leather products will be an actual purchase. Today, kid gloves are considered the most popular leather accessories that combine a decent price-quality ratio. The advantage of such models is the softness and elasticity of the material, which adapts to any movement without changing its appearance.

Kid leather gloves

Women’s kid gloves are presented in collections for the demi-season period, as well as products for winter frosts. The main difference between the models is the lining. In a lighter version, the accessory is complemented by a cotton or nylon layer. Fur or fleece usually acts as a heater. Let’s see which kid leather gloves models are the most popular?

Black kid gloves. The most practical and versatile models are classic black. This option is best for everyday wear in any style.

White kid gloves. If you want to emphasize your individuality, but practicality in combination with the rest of your wardrobe is no less important for you, then the best solution would be to choose an accessory in a light classic shade. Stylish models are white gloves, complemented by black lace or fur trim. Also, this option looks original in a shortened form and accessories without fingers.

Long kid gloves. The fashion trend of recent seasons has become models of an elongated cut. Designers offer such elegant gloves in a standard design and a fingerless version, which further emphasizes the originality and eccentricity in the image.

Colored kid gloves. A stylish addition that will set you apart from the rest will be the choice of an accessory in a contrasting color. Today, leather kid gloves in marsala, orange and any shade of red are in fashion. Models of neutral natural colors with a catchy or concise abstract print also look unusual.

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