Jimmy Choo glasses

As soon as you see with your own eyes the incredibly elegant models of sunglasses from Jimmy Choo, you will understand that this accessory will be appropriate and necessary throughout the year. Perhaps someone thinks that buying sunglasses for the winter is a completely pointless waste of money. And here is the lie. In autumn and winter they are necessary, as well as in summer. Each product created by the company’s designers is unique and interesting. Moreover, almost every model has an element with a lace effect. The latest eyewear collections of the fashion brand are presented in the form of effortless bright models. Each of them has some defiant, but at the same time feminine details.

Jimmy Choo sunglasses are distinguished from many other brands by innovative decorative elements that cannot be found in any other model. Their additional uniqueness is the original color scheme.

New from Jimmy Choo

The latest collection, created under the strict guidance of Tamara Mellton, features stunning eyewear models:

  • Cindy glasses will help any fashionista to create sensual images that will certainly allow you to seduce any man. They are made in the shape of a butterfly, which looks very sexy. You can choose brown, gold, honey, purple, blue, gray, coral or other frames at your discretion;
  • Megan glasses able to add playfulness, making a woman bright and extraordinary. The model is original, attractive and can certainly become the highlight of any image you create. Jimmy Choo eyeglass frames are available in grey, cedar and blue;
  • Nuria glasses are made in the corporate form for the company, namely in an interesting interpretation of animal prints. A feature of this model are unusual colors (coral, brown, yellow, green).

Incredibly popular are Jimmy Choo glasses, called Estelle. It is worth noting that they are released in limited quantities. The advantage of the glasses is that they are made in the form of a cat’s eye, which means that it can be said with confidence that they look elegant, glamorous and sophisticated on a woman. Such designs were very fond of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and many other celebrities in the 50s of the last century.