fashion glasses

The fashion for wearing fashion glasses has developed especially rapidly in recent years. More and more people choose this accessory, wanting to achieve a perfectly balanced and complete look in one style or another. Especially popular image models have become among young people.

Women’s fashion glasses

The time has passed when glasses were considered a crude device that spoils the appearance and serves exclusively for practical needs, that is, correcting visual deviations from the norm. Now it is a stylish and fashionable accessory.

Such a concept as fashion glasses appeared quite recently and began to denote glasses acquired for reasons of style, that is, in order to create a certain image. Most often, fashion glasses are sold with glasses without diopters, thus imitating ordinary eyeglasses, but without distorting or correcting the picture. People choose such glasses based on various considerations. For example, a young woman, while at work, wants to create a very professional image and appear a little older so that the colleagues around her treat her with respect. Or a student chooses a stylish smart casual outfit for going to university and complements it with fashion glasses to look more intelligent and serious. Such an accessory may also be required when you want to visually harmonize facial features, for example, hide an overly long nose or make a massive lower jaw more inconspicuous. Properly selected form of image glasses in this case will help to smooth out such a disadvantage. Sometimes fashion glasses may be required in other situations. In any case, they make the image more professional, stylish and mature.

If you need a real correction of myopia or farsightedness, you can also choose fashion glasses for vision, but in this case, the choice of model will rather depend on the shape and design of the frame. There are also options for similar glasses with chameleon glasses that change color depending on the angle and intensity of the light. Fashion sunglasses are another variety that is more common during the period of active sun, that is, in spring and summer. However, most fashion glasses are still made with transparent glasses.

The choice of fashionable image glasses

In the arsenal of a real fashionista, there may be several options for image glasses that differ in shape, appearance, lens color, frame material. However, all of them must be selected based on the characteristics of the appearance of the hostess.

The most important role in choosing fashion glasses should be played by their shape and the shape of the face of the girl who is going to wear them. There is one main rule — the shape of the glasses should not repeat the shape of the face. So, if you are naturally round-faced, then round fashion glasses will further emphasize plump cheeks and a soft chin, and your face will visually look fuller. For a round face, fashion options with an angular shape are best suited, such as the now extremely popular «cat’s eyes» or square and rectangular models.

A triangular face is characterized by high cheekbones and a pointed chin, so it is best harmonized with oval and rectangular fashion glasses.

If you are the owner of a rectangular face, then you should look at models like «aviators» or round and oval shapes.

But for those who have an elongated face, image glasses with a pointed upper corner are best suited — the shape of the «cat’s eye».