how to tie a turban on your head

Turning to photos of extravagant, bold, attractive women, for example, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand, we can immediately answer the question why such headdresses as turbans are increasingly beginning to decorate the heads of mannequins in trendy stores and dazzle on the heads of modern connoisseurs of fashion, returning a well-deserved, albeit slightly forgotten, love for themselves.

Types of turbans

There are several options for tying this oriental splendor. Consider the basic ways to tie turbans on your head.

Turban headband. This headpiece does not cover the entire area of ​​the head, but simply frames it with its beautiful patterns of twisted fabric or simply lays down in an even strip. Ahead, on the edge of the hair at the top of the forehead, the product is “intercepted” by a brooch or any decoration.

How to twist such a turban on your head? Everything is extremely simple, if only there was a strip of fabric at hand that matches the chosen image. The bandage can converge at the top of the forehead into a decorative knot or a real one, which can simply be tied without the help of a professional at home. You can simply twist a strip of fabric of the texture you like on your forehead one or several times, stop at one turn or gird your head with as many turns as the fabric allows, and then hide the ends and fasten at the back, for example, with “invisibles”. This trendy headpiece is a great addition to the hairstyle.

Head scarf «turban». The scarf itself can serve as both a bandage and a headdress that will cover the entire surface of the head. With the first option, everything is clear, let’s dwell on the second. To tie a turban scarf, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. We cover the head with hair with a scarf so that the forehead is almost completely open.
  2. how to tie a turban on your head

  3. The ends of the scarf on the side that has slightly fallen on the forehead are wound back and twisted, or tied. The lower part of the scarf, if the scarf itself is wide, is also twisted at the back, and the ends are aligned with the upper ones. If the scarf is narrow, then the lower part is simply hidden under the coils.
  4. how to tie a turban on your head

  5. We send the resulting ends again to the forehead, framing the head — the first round is ready.
  6. how to tie a turban on your head

  7. If the scarf is long enough, twist it again, but already 2 times to make a beautiful knot, and repeat the path of the ends of the scarf back.
  8. how to tie a turban on your head

  9. We repeat the steps until we achieve the desired number of turns or until the fabric runs out. We fix the ends and hide under the turns.
  10. how to tie a turban on your head

Another interesting way where we need a long but not wide scarf:

  1. We cover the head with the wide side of the scarf, and send the long ends forward, unlike the previous method.
  2. how to tie a turban on your head how to tie a turban on your head
  3. We connect them, simultaneously twisting them to make a kind of tourniquet, and stop above the ear on the opposite side. We continue to twist the tourniquet to the very end of the fabric.
  4. how to tie a turban on your head how to tie a turban on your head
  5. At the end, we make, for example, a bow or leave the ends hanging down on the side of the head, and decorate the knot itself with a delicate brooch.
  6. how to tie a turban on your head how to tie a turban on your head

Turban cap. These products can be purchased ready-made and worn with pleasure right away, without thinking about how to make a knot and twist the fabric correctly. In the cold season, this little thing can become indispensable in your wardrobe.

Turbans come in very handy in the summer. They will make an excellent and stylish company for sundresses, beach tunics, floor-length skirts. However, summer head turbans should be as comfortable as possible, miniature and not massive. An excellent option for the heat are shawls made of the finest materials, ready-made turban caps made of delicate lace or fashionable thin turban headbands on wire frames, which will be especially easy to put on and take off, as well as to simulate options for positioning them on the head.