Horn-rimmed glasses

Today it is no secret to anyone that the key to a successful image is not only basic things, but also well-chosen accessories. They complete the look, give it wholeness and harmony. That is why now many fashionistas and fashionistas wear glasses, moreover, even if they do not have any vision problems. This detail transforms any person, makes him more mysterious and interesting.

A special place in the entire diverse world of modern optics is occupied by horn-rimmed glasses. In our time, when the retro direction is so popular, they are experiencing a real revival.


They are made, as the name implies, from natural material — the horns of various animals. Buffaloes are considered the most suitable. Interestingly, the older the animal, the more interesting the horn-rim pattern. The most valuable models are made by craftsmen by hand, cutting out the entire frame from a specific section of the horn. Less expensive options can be machine-made from extruded material. There are also combined glasses in which only the frame of the lenses is made of horn, and the temples are made of ordinary plastic.

Fashionable horn frames for glasses are not cheap, which turns them into a status thing. Today they are worn by intelligent, creative, modern and well-to-do people.

Features of horn-rimmed glasses

  1. Noble appearance. This is beauty created by the best designer — nature itself.
  2. Uniqueness. Frames are unique, because there are no two absolutely identical animal horns.
  3. Wearing comfort. The horn frame of the glasses has a rough surface, so in those places where it comes into contact with the skin, there is good contact, the glasses do not slip.
  4. Hypoallergenic. Natural material does not cause any irritation or any discomfort even with everyday use.


As with any item made from natural material, horn-rimmed sunglasses or regular horn-rimmed prescription glasses should be taken care of.

It is necessary to wipe them daily with a special microfiber cloth, which is usually sold in the kit. It is also important to avoid contact with moisture; you should not visit a sauna or pool in them. In addition, this material does not like exposure to high temperatures.

By following these recommendations, you can maintain the flawless appearance of your glasses and, if possible, extend them for a sufficiently long life.