Hoods from Ekaterina Volkova

The autumn-winter season makes drastic adjustments to the women’s wardrobe. A headdress from a stylish, but optional accessory turns into a practical and indispensable attribute of a fashionable image. In search of a warm, comfortable and original model, many modern girls opt for hats produced by Wolka. Its founder is the well-known Russian theater and film actress Katerina Volkova. She launched her project in one night! Yekaterina Volkova offered the unfastened hood of the «Wolf» to the users of the Simex crowdinvesting platform, as the designers she contacted refused her. If they only knew what a furore in the fashion world will make exclusive hoods for women from Ekaterina Volkova!

Everything ingenious is simple

The Wolka hooded hat appeared quite by accident. Once, at the request of her mother, the actress tried on an unfastened hood, and the reflection in the mirror amazed her! This headpiece looked very impressive. In addition, it perfectly covered the ears and neck. Volkova was infected with the idea of ​​creating such hoods, but she failed to assemble a team and attract investments. The actress decided to promote her design project on her own. And she succeeded! On the evening of December 25, 2015, her announcement about the search for investors was noticed, and on December 26, the entire amount needed to implement the startup was in her hands.

Today, designer hoods from Ekaterina Volkova, produced by the Wolka brand, are the object of desire for thousands of fashionistas. The concept of these hats is simple to genius. The hoods proposed by Ekaterina Volkova consist of only three parts — a back part and two side parts. The presence of a tuck is optional. A distinctive feature of these hats-hoods is that a special loop is sewn into the seam of the right half of the headdress, and there is a decorative button on the right half. Women’s hoods from Ekaterina Volkova are universal, that is, they fit all girls in size.

Model range of hats-hoods

A newly-minted, but already well-known designer, Ekaterina Volkova, offers girls four collections of hooded hats. The first presents autumn models made of thin, but warm enough materials. The second collection includes demi-season lace and silk hoods. These hoodies are the perfect complement to holiday looks. These elegant headdresses can complement the wedding look if the ceremony is held in a church. However, everyday models are in the greatest demand. To create them, Ekaterina Volkova uses fine wool, thick silk and knitwear. The fourth collection includes headwear made of fleece. They are ideal for girls who prefer a sporty style. Presented in collections and hoods made of combined materials. So, a woolen headpiece can be trimmed with lace or silk.

The buttons used to fasten Wolka hats deserve special attention. They are produced by order of the company at the jewelry factory. This small but very original detail adds even more elegance and femininity to the hat-hood.

A distinctive feature of the hats that the Russian designer creates is their versatility. These hats look equally good with luxurious fur coats, classic coats, down jackets and sports jackets. Designer hoods from Ekaterina Volkova deserve to be in a fashionable women’s wardrobe!

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