Hermes Birkin

For every woman, a bag is not only a practical thing, but also a stylish accessory that emphasizes a fashionable look. Hermes Birkin women’s bags are the pride of their owner.

worldwide popularity

Could the British actress and singer Jane Birkin have thought that her flight from France to the UK in 1984 would go down in the history of the global fashion industry? Once next door to the chairman of the board of Hermes, the woman complained that she could not find a comfortable handbag for walking. She noted that she dreams of a capacious accessory made of genuine leather, not overloaded with decor. Jean-Louis Dumas took it as a challenge. A few weeks later, Jane was delivered the very bag she dreamed of as a gift. More than three decades have passed, and the fashion for such a bag model remains unchanged.

Each handbag produced by Hermes is a mini-masterpiece. They are made by hand, using natural calfskin and the skin of exotic animals. Of course, the Hermes Birkin bag is an indicator of respectability and high social status, because the cost of models made from exotic leathers and encrusted with precious stones is one hundred thousand dollars. In addition, they are produced in limited editions, so wealthy women have to wait for months until their turn comes to become the owner of the coveted handbag. The most expensive Hermes Birkin bag was sold in 2011 during the Heritage auction. Bidding ended at around 203 thousand dollars! The owner of the Hermes Birkin Diamond Himalayan bag, adorned with diamonds, paid 18 thousand less for the exclusive original. If the cost of exclusive models is hundreds of thousands of dollars, then serial bags cost about 10 thousand dollars, which is also not cheap. Of course, the cost of bags is determined by the type of leather used to create models. A bag made of crocodile, ostrich or lizard skin will cost more than a similar model made of calfskin. But the price of the product is also affected by the number of similar bags, since the purchase of Hermes Birkin is, first of all, the desire to have an exclusive.

Bags for every taste

Handbags that excite the imagination of women with an easily recognizable design are made in different sizes and colors. The unique design allows you to use them as everyday and evening accessories. If we are talking about roomy travel bags, a model with a length of 50-55 centimeters is suitable. Need a petite handbag to complete your evening look? The Hermes Birkin brand is ready to offer elegant models with a length of 20 to 40 centimeters.

Each Hermes Birkin handbag is equipped with a lock with a key, which has its own code. To cover the locks, the manufacturer uses metals such as palladium and gold. Do you want an exclusive? At your request, locks can be decorated with diamonds, covered with leather.

As a wear protection, the manufacturer uses special legs. They prevent the bottom of the bag from touching the surface on which it stands. However, whatever the price of the bag, but when used, it may lose its attractive appearance. The Hermes brand offers owners of Birkin bags such a service as the restoration of the coating. It costs, of course, not cheap, but many times more profitable than buying a new model.