arctic hats

The Arctic brand, based in Ukraine, has been producing hats and other accessories for adult men and women, as well as children of different ages, for a long time. Hats of this brand are intended mainly for the spring-autumn period of the year and are well-deservedly popular among girls and women in Russia and Ukraine.

This is not surprising, because the products of this brand are characterized by incredible convenience, relatively high quality and a very modest price. In addition, Arctic hats are quite durable and can be used for a long period of time.

Collection of caps TM Arctic

Most of the women’s hats of the Arctic brand are designed for cool spring and autumn days. Almost all of them are made from natural cotton yarn, which does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. Meanwhile, some models are made of mixed material, which, in addition to cotton, includes acrylic and other synthetic threads.

Due to the dense and neat knitting, both autumn and winter hats Arctic fit the head well and protect it from piercing wind and precipitation. Products stretch well, so they quickly take the shape of the head of their owner. In addition, this property allows you not to select the size of the cap with great care — if you wish, you can choose one that is designed for people with a smaller head circumference. If this difference is not too noticeable, the product will take the desired shape and will sit almost perfectly.

The vast majority of models that are intended for winter have an additional inner layer in the form of a fleece lining. Thanks to this, such hats perfectly retain heat and help girls and women to endure even the coldest weather with comfort.

In addition, some winter models are decorated with natural fur elements, such as fox or raccoon. Other products are decorated with elegant brooches, bright logos or original knitted patterns.

New models

This year, a new collection of hats from Arctic went on sale. Among the presented models, the following won particular popularity:

  • light knitted hats for the first autumn days, characterized by a noticeable cooling;
  • textile options that give the image of their owner a unique tenderness, femininity and romance;
  • demi-season cashmere hats, which are incredibly soft and do not cause any discomfort while wearing;
  • miniature hats made of natural suede, ideal for business looks;
  • caps made of denim and other materials that can complement a look in a casual or sporty style;
  • knitted hats with pompoms and other decorative elements and without them. Such products can have a smooth surface or embossed patterns, as well as a wide variety of colors. In particular, among the knitted hats of the Arctic there are both universal black and white models, as well as bright “flashy” options that attract the attention of others;
  • stylish hats with earflaps made of various materials and decorated with pompoms, fringe and other elements.

Since the range of the Arctic brand is constantly updated, every beautiful lady can easily find what she likes in the collection of this brand.