Hat Lalo

Lalo is a legendary cardigan, first knitted in Georgia. The original is not cheap at all. Therefore, many knitting craftsmen began to produce many other wardrobe items in this style. However, Lalo’s technique is complex – a gradual gradient of colors and a large number of intertwining braids. Not every master is able to do everything efficiently and quickly.

Who suits?

Lalo-style hat is the current trend of this season. However, a large ornament is not suitable for every girl. Due to the large number of voluminous braids, the hat turns out to be thick, so stylists do not recommend such a headdress for girls with a dense build or owners of a round or square face shape. If you are knitted a hat with braids using the Lalo technique to order, then ask to add a fluffy pom-pom to it – it visually stretches the shape and slims the image. Without a pompom, such a hat is best suited for thin girls with an oval face shape.

What to wear?

A hat with a Lalo pattern is, first of all, a bright and stylish accessory that attracts attention. Therefore, when creating an image with her, remember that the hat will be the key focus:

  1. You should not combine a bright gradient hat with a colorful down jacket or scarf, it is better to choose the rest of the clothes in calmer and more solid colors. This season, stylists are advised to combine such a headdress with a straight-cut coat in pastel shades: gray, caramel, pink. However, it is worth remembering that if you choose a blue coat, then the shades of the hat should be combined with the main color of the image.
  2. When choosing outerwear, pay attention to thinner models of down jackets and jackets, because by putting on an inflated down jacket and a Lalo hat, you risk turning into a colored snowman. A voluminous cap in the image will be enough.
  3. If you like the Lalo style, then the hat can be complemented with a scarf of the same combination of shades, but you should not wear such a hat with a cardigan in the same style at the same time. Bright should be in moderation.