Harness is a very stylish, catchy and unusual accessory.

Women’s harness is a very stylish, eye-catching and unusual accessory that is gaining more and more popularity. Such a creative idea is very new in fashion trends, and many girls are perplexed with what to wear it with and in what images it is appropriate.

Women’s harness — what is it for?

The leather baldric migrated to women’s fashion from the men’s wardrobe — in the original version, it was used exclusively for carrying weapons. In 2012, the American designer Prable Gurung first presented the women’s decorative version of the harness on the catwalk, and soon other fashion designers enthusiastically picked up this idea.

Women's harness - what is it for

Modern women’s harness resembles suspenders, some girls even confuse these two accessory options. A distinctive feature of the harness is that it consists of several leather straps of different lengths, interconnected and tied around the body. The material is not elastic, unlike suspenders, and is not attached to garments.

Women's harness - what is it for fashion

Having figured out what this accessory is, the next question arises — why do we need a women’s harness? This thing has no practical and functional purpose, it is exclusively decorative. The harness as an accessory is very self-sufficient — in combination with a laconic top, it replaces any jewelry, complementing the image. Only laconic earrings can be combined with it.

Women's harness - what is it for ideasWomen's harness - why do you need to wear it

In order to prevent an overly colorful effect in the image or even vulgarity, you should follow some important rules:

  • the more complex the design of the harness, the more concise the clothes should be;
  • do not wear provocative sexy clothes;
  • the harness is contraindicated for owners of a full figure;
  • you can not combine a harness with jewelry;
  • the body must not be naked, cleavage is unacceptable.
  • Women's harness - what is it for options

Harness for the whole body

In a casual look, a harness bandage is a very concise accessory, without frills, focusing on only one specific part of the body. But there are options that look especially catchy and sexy — this is a belt for the whole body, from the neck to the hips or even to the legs. It is important to understand that this option is completely unsuitable for everyday bow — it is rather an idea for a bright sexy look.

Harness for the whole bodyFull body harness ideas

Harness on legs

Women’s harness on the legs, like the previous version, is not at all a detail of an everyday look. It is both a self-sufficient thing and a very stylish sexy addition to stockings, and with its help it is easy to create an exciting look. Such an idea, as a rule, appeals to lovers of vivid sexual sensations. With an everyday female bow, a trouser on the legs is categorically not combined — your bow will look too defiant.

Harness on legsHarness on legs ideas

Harness for the waist

This is one of the most versatile options for women’s harness, which is suitable for both sexy images and everyday women’s bow. Such an accessory consists of several thin belts fastened at the waist, and a couple more passing through the shoulders, fixing at the desired height. For those who are faced with a thing for the first time, the question may arise, why do we need a harness at the waist. In addition to being decorative, this thing has no function.

Harness for the waistwaist belt ideas

Harness on the chest

Another popular version of the women’s harness is the model on the chest. You can use such a thing for different purposes — as an addition to an image in a business or urban style, or as accessories for sexual games. How a thing will look, stylish or defiant, depends, first of all, on the styles of clothing with which it is combined. In a casual look, a bruise on the chest is appropriate in combination with a light-colored shirt or a plain dress in a minimalist style.

Harness on the chest

Another stylish and creative idea that is popular and belongs to this category is the harness bra, which is the most common version of underwear with leather straps. Models of bras in this design are varied, among them there are both stylish options suitable for everyday or evening bow, decorating the neckline, and defiant, designed more for a sexy look.

Chest harness ideas

Harness around the neck

The next version of the female belt, which is successfully used both in everyday life and for a defiant and sexy look, is a model that is worn around the neck. It can be in various versions:

  • one thin belt fastened around the neck, resembling the simplest collar;
  • a neck strap connected to a waist strap;
  • a shoulder strap that is worn around the neck and chest.
  • Harness around the neckNeck harness ideas

Harness on the hips

A bright detail of a female catchy image can be a belt on the hips, which was previously considered an accessory exclusively for sexual purposes, and now, with the right combinations of clothes, it is successfully combined with everyday youth bow. In the second case, the hip belt can be combined with short denim shorts, a mini dress, with high boots (not over the knee boots). Some accessory options are attached to the belt of jeans, adding to the image of spectacularity.

Harness on the hips

Women’s hip belt looks especially stylish and impressive as a detail of a sexy and defiant daring look. It is combined with a variety of corsets, mini-skirts and short dresses. Even simple black underwear with a harness looks completely different — a woman looks very bright, spectacular and catchy.

Hip belt ideas

Women’s harness

A stylish and catchy version of a women’s accessory is a harness, which can be a beneficial addition to a casual look in an urban style or urban style. It is a kind of alternative to suspenders, but, unlike them, it is not elastic and has an exclusively decorative function. Even the simplest white shirt or a laconic plain sheath dress is completely transformed with such an accessory. The harness is successfully combined with jeans, shorts, leggings under the skin.

Women's harnessWomen's harness ideas

Another option for using this type of accessory is a sexy and daring look that evokes desire. Even the simplest black or lace underwear looks completely different if a woman’s harness is worn with it. Dark thin leather straps with clasps create an interesting effect, emphasizing catchiness and audacity.

Women's harness optionsWomen's belt types

Leather belt

The most popular type of this type of accessory is a women’s leather harness, which is a thin strap with a variety of fasteners, buckles, rivets. The design is very concise. But at the same time it looks stylish and bright, transforming even the most neutral pieces of clothing. In addition to the aesthetic side, a belt for women made of genuine leather is a very durable thing — it’s hard to even imagine a situation in which a durable leather belt could break, and the clasp or rivet is very easy to replace.

Leather beltLeather harness ideas

The only drawback of a belt made of natural high-quality leather is the cost, which for many can be high. In addition, if you want to try on such an accessory for the first time and are not sure that you will like it, buying an expensive and high-quality item may not be a very rational idea. An alternative solution could be a leatherette belt, which looks almost the same, but is several times inferior in wear resistance.

Leather belt types

Chain Harness

No less stylish and bright version of the harness, but less popular, is an accessory made of durable silver chains. In combination with laconic and feminine clothes, it is easy to create an elegant and stylish look with the help of such a harness. This version of the accessory is self-sufficient in the image, it is a worthy alternative to jewelry and other jewelry options, it looks beautiful not only in everyday but also in the evening.

Chain HarnessChain harness design

The second option is a white thick chain harness combined with leather belts. Such an idea will become part of a sexy provocative image, especially options that decorate the chest and hips. The combination of chains with leather belts looks very catchy, while not detracting from the natural beauty of your figure. The chain harness is combined with both open sexy clothes and underwear.

Fashion chain harnessTypes of chain harness

What to wear with a harness?

A stylish and original harness is such a sexy and defiant accessory that until recently it was only possible to buy it in a sex shop. At the same time, with its help, you can create a wide variety of images, sometimes even opposite ones. How a women’s harness will look, sexy and defiant, or stylish and concise, depends on what you wear it with.

What to wear with a harness

The harness came to the women’s wardrobe from the male military image, and now it fits especially harmoniously into the military style. This direction is very multifaceted — it simultaneously emphasizes femininity, fragility, sexuality and strength, courage, the ability to protect oneself. The belt gives the image an erotic coloring, so it is extremely important to know how and with what to wear it correctly so as not to look vulgar.

What to wear with a harness fashionWhat to wear with a harness ideas

According to stylists, the most successful combinations for a harness are:

  1. Harness with a women’s jacket or coat in military style. For a combination, a catchy belt resembling an army one and high dark boots are suitable.
  2. White top and black bottom. Women’s harness is able to transform the dress code, adding a touch of originality and sexuality to it. But the debatable question is whether it is worth appearing in the office in this way — the idea is more suitable for an interesting event or party.
  3. The harness fits into the everyday style no less harmoniously. It is easily combined with shorts, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts without a deep neckline.
  4. What to wear with a harness optionsWhat to wear with a belt style

Dress with belt

A women’s leather harness and an elegant dress at first glance seem to be completely incompatible things from completely different stylistic trends. But, as a rule, the first impression is deceiving — with a competent approach, these two things are in perfect harmony with each other, balancing between elegance, sexuality and challenge. It is important that the board is solid in simple, basic colors — black, white, beige, gray, dark blue, khaki.

Dress with beltDress with harness ideas

Women’s harness is interestingly combined not only with everyday, but also with evening dress. With the right approach, you will get a very harmonious combination of tenderness, lightness and femininity with sexuality and audacity. It is important here not to overdo it with the number of belts — there should not be many of them. Dresses should also be chosen in basic colors, light options are more preferable.

Evening dress with beltFestive dress with belt

With what it is absolutely impossible to wear a harness, it is with other decorations — such a combination looks gaudy and tasteless. Neither bracelets, nor necklaces or chains should be added to the image, discreet earrings can be an exception. A black harness looks especially catchy — this is ideal if you want to attract maximum attention to yourself. For a softer romantic look, it is better to choose a brown or light accessory.

Dress with belt image

Harness with a shirt

One of the most successful ideas of modern fashion is a harness in combination with a shirt. The model can be of any cut, but in a laconic design, without frills, flounces and other catchy decor. It is important that the thing is monophonic, and at the same time it is better to give preference to options in basic colors. The most harmonious options for the floor belt are light-colored shirts, especially white ones, which blend perfectly with black belts.

Harness with a shirt

If neutral white or very light colors of shirts are not to your liking, you can pay attention to other options — the main thing is that they be plain and discreet. But it is important to observe the principle of contrast — the harness should look very bright against the background of clothing. For example, red belts are suitable for a thing in asphalt gray, and light or brown for a dark-hoar shirt.

Idea shirt belt

Harness bag

The perfect way to seamlessly combine a stylish look with practicality and comfort is a dark brown or black harness with a bag. The thing looks simple and at the same time spectacular — it is a belt that is worn on the chest or waist, and a bag attached to them with a small clasp, in which it is convenient to put the necessary things. A nice bonus is the ability to remove the bag if necessary and use the harness as a separate accessory.

Harness bagBelt bag types