Hair clips

Among the many hair clips, clips occupy a leading place, because they are indispensable helpers in the fight to tame naughty curls. This is one of the most popular and simple accessories. There are two types of them: decorative and hairdressing.

What are hair clips for?

The main purpose of decorative hair clips is to decorate hairstyles, which they successfully cope with. Classic barrettes of this type are usually large enough to hold even the thickest and most voluminous hair. Once they were made mainly of plastic. Now you can find many different options made of metal, aluminum or wood. Large hair clips are used for buns, ponytails, shells and other simple hairstyles to which a hairpin adds a special charm.

Small hair clips fix bangs, use for “half up, half down” hairstyles and the like, where you need to collect one or more small strands of hair. Such hairpins can be multi-colored, with bows, flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, pebbles and other decorative elements.

A distinctive feature of professional clips is a more rigid fixation and the absence of jewelry. Thanks to the modern materials from which such hairpins are made, they can be used even when dyeing hair using any oxidizers. Also, hairdressers use clips when cutting, curling, to capture the edges of the waves, when dividing the hair into strands and further fixing them in the hairstyle, when laying the strands into waves after curlers. Modern hairpins are designed in such a way that the master can independently adjust the rigidity of the grip of the strands and the degree of its fixation on the hair.

Needlewomen can easily create an original and unique hair clip on their own. To do this, you will need a base that you can buy in a hand made store, decoration items bought or made by yourself, and a little imagination. Create a hairpin in your favorite style, and choose the color that matches the color type of your appearance. Your hairstyle with such an accessory will surely attract the admiring glances of passers-by. There are never too many hair accessories.