Glasses for vision correction

Glasses with special lenses are used to correct vision when its parameters deviate from the norm. Depending on the nature of these deviations, spherical (ordinary, Franklin, periscopic), prismatic, cylindrical, spherical, stenopic, and colored glasses are prescribed.

Selection of glasses for vision, types of glasses

It is impossible to do without glasses when:

  • presbyopsia (age-related disorders);
  • myopia up to -30 diopters;
  • hyperopia up to +10 diopters;
  • astigmatism up to 6 diopters;
  • contact lens intolerance;
  • impossibility to carry out refractive correction (operation).

When choosing glasses for the restoration and correction of vision, first of all, pay attention to whether normal visual acuity and the ability to see clearly with both eyes at the same time remain.

Equally important is the feeling of comfort when wearing glasses. Here the first important factor is the mobility of the nose pads. Rigid nose pads can press down the bridge of the nose and cause discomfort, rapid fatigue. In addition, after them, traces remain on the bridge of the nose. Therefore, give preference to glasses with soft silicone, movable nose pads.

The second factor is the earpieces. Their size must be selected in accordance with the distance from the frame to the bulge behind the auricle.

Perforated glasses, or training glasses, are designed to relieve eye fatigue after intense eye strain, to protect from sunlight, and also to partially restore visual acuity (subject to hard training).

Fashionable frames and stylish eyeglass shapes

Undoubtedly, the frame should suit you and fit the shape of your face. To choose the right eyeglass frame shape for your vision, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. If you have an oval or diamond-shaped face, then most likely you are a happy owner of optimal proportions. Therefore, any frame will emphasize your natural beauty.
  2. If your face is round, give up rounded frames with smooth lines. It is advisable for you to focus on frames with sharp corners, rectangular and narrow. Do not choose massive frames. In this case, the shade of the jumper should also be taken into account – it should not be bright or dark. A transparent jumper is ideal.
  3. Elongated narrow face a medium-width frame, but long enough, will visually correct.
  4. Triangular face shape, characterized by a wide forehead or too massive chin, can also be balanced with the shape of the frame. In this case, pick up a light frame, it will visually reduce the upper part of the face. A bright, decorated, frame “cat’s eyes” will correct the proportions in the second case (wide chin).
  5. Square face (broad forehead and massive chin) will fix a narrow oval frame.
  6. stylish eyeglasses

You can also visually correct some parts of the face. For example, if the nose is long, then choose frames with a low bridge. If small and short – with high. For women with close-set eyes, it is rational to choose glasses that have a frame that is wider at the outer edges.

The most fashionable glasses for the upcoming season are cat-eye, dragonfly-eye models, large frame models, metal frames. Frames decorated with twisted patterns and stones will also be in fashion.

Fashion brand glasses for vision correction are produced by world famous companies: Cazal, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Lanvin Paris, Tods, etc.