glasses case

Glasses are not only the most important accessory, but also a necessity at any time of the year. We cannot imagine a bright, juicy and breathtaking summer without sunglasses, and it is difficult to blind us in snowy winters if comfortable and modern glasses with a special coating sit on our noses. And, as you know, such a convenient item of necessity is very fragile and needs some protection, namely, a case for women’s glasses.

Types of glasses cases

Here are some examples of the most common and best-selling eyewear accessories:

  1. Leather case for glasses. Incredibly stylish, strict thing. Soft leather cases with a zipper or bag-type cases perfectly protect the goggles from moisture, dust, micro scratches, but cannot protect the lenses and the structure itself from severe damage, such as bumps, crumpling. The cases, which consist of a strong “box” frame and are simply covered with leather, are better protection than their predecessors, because it will be very difficult to damage the glasses in such a case. Options for colors, skin textures can be very diverse, but women still prefer animal colors.
  2. Wooden case for glasses — a copy is more rare, exclusive. Typically, models of such accessories are made of rare, durable and expensive wood species, impregnated with special agents that protect both the case itself and its contents from any impact. Such a case for glasses most often looks like a kind of tube, where part of it is simply removed like a cap. Wooden sunglasses cases are very rare, as the size of sunglasses is almost always quite large, and wooden construction of this size would be impractical, fragile and expensive.
  3. metal case widely used, but rubbing glasses against the sides of the product can damage the lenses, so the diameter of such a case should be slightly larger than the glasses themselves to avoid excessive movement leading to scratches. Metal inserts are also used in sports cases to prevent damage to glasses during active pastime. And cases for glasses in a car are most often represented by two flaps made of light metal, sheathed with a special rubberized fabric, which allows the case and the valuables inside not to slide on various surfaces, protecting the glasses from the consequences of falling or bumps during hard braking or turns.

In pursuit of fashion!

The trendsetters of modern fashion, great designers in tandem with talented fashion designers, along with clothing collections, perfectly express their emotions and vision in accessories such as cases for sunglasses and eyeglasses.

So what can famous fashion houses offer us?

  1. Chanel. The modern and most common model of the Chanel glasses case is represented by the classic “box” shape, the color palette is very restrained. As in other accessories of this house, the emphasis is on rigor and presentability. For external decor, patent or matte leather without a print is used, but contrasting lines in one thread with a wide pitch are possible.
  2. House of Dolce & Gabbana cases for glasses transforms into original clutches or miniature handbags. The original products of this brand are also presented in strict colors without excessive decorations and placers of rhinestones. Preference is given to textile upholstery, or leather in white, black or gold.
  3. Christian Dior. The fashionable Dior glasses case today can be presented as a purse or a zipper box, although this fashion house sometimes indulges connoisseurs with stylized cases in the form of bags in gold and silver leather, decorated with a gold-plated logo of the brand.