Fur mittens

In areas with a harsh climate, it is simply necessary to wear at least some elements of fur clothing. Especially if your work or hobby (for example, skiing) is associated with prolonged exposure to the air. Fur gloves are worth wearing for several reasons:

  • they will warm you in the winter cold;
  • will help to create a luxurious and stylish image for both a woman and a man;
  • they are comfortable;
  • will last more than one year;
  • maintain the health of the joints and skin of the hands.

Please note that for areas with dry frosts, mittens with fur on the outside are better, and for wet winters – inside.

How to choose good women’s fur mittens?

Winters are getting colder, so fur mittens continue to gain popularity, and not only in the northern regions. But in order for them to be worn for a long time and with pleasure, you need to pay attention to several factors when buying them:

  • the warmest mittens are made from mink and sheepskin;
  • the product must be sewn from one fabric, and not from pieces (in the second case, the mittens will quickly wear out and will not heat);
  • tufts of wool should not stick out through the seams;
  • the lining should be made of natural material (silk, wool, cotton, sheepskin);
  • really high-quality women’s mittens with fur cannot be cheap.

If you really want to buy fur mittens, but are limited in finances, it is better to take products from high-quality faux fur than from cheap natural – they will last longer and warm better.

Leather gloves with fur

In regions with high humidity and winds, the “breathability” of clothing is especially important. Leather mittens with fur are suitable for both leisurely walks and outdoor activities. They will look stylish and, at the same time, conscientiously perform their function.