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The rainy season has already begun for someone, and someone else is basking in the last warm rays of the sun. In bad weather, such an accessory as an umbrella becomes a great helper. It is worth noting that for the beautiful half of humanity, it serves not only as a means to maintain beauty and dryness, but also to create stylish images. There is a huge variety of colorful and neutral models that can complement absolutely any look. Among other things, an umbrella is an accessory designed for the rainy season, which at the same time sets the general mood for the whole day.

How to choose an umbrella?

Note that umbrellas can be different, the main thing is to select high-quality models that can last for a long time without losing their visual appeal. First, let’s look at what this accessory can be made of. So, umbrellas are produced:

  • from polyester;
  • from nylon;
  • from satin;
  • from pongee.

Knitting needles are integral elements of any umbrella. The more of them, the smoother the dome itself, without sagging. Spokes can typically be made from steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. In order to become the owner of a high-quality and beautiful umbrella, it should be taken into account when choosing that it must have an exceptionally regular shape, strength, stability and smooth processing of individual parts. The models are divided into automatic, semi-automatic, folding models and an umbrella in the form of a cane.

Take care of your mood in advance and choose an accessory that perfectly suits your mood and inner world so that it sets the right mood on rainy days. Fulton umbrellas meet all quality standards and will appeal to even the most demanding customers. A cane can be an incredibly stylish and noticeable option, but if you prefer mobility and restraint, then the Fulton mini umbrella is what you need.

A little about the brand

Fulton is the largest supplier of raincoats and umbrellas in the UK, accounting for over 35% of sales. In addition, the products of the represented brand are also in great demand in Europe, the USA, Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe and Japan. The British company was founded in 1955 by the famous inventor and engineer Arnold Fulton. The business soon became family owned and captivated the public with technical innovations and trendy designs. Fulton English umbrellas are the most recognizable and popular all over the world.

The brand uses patented technologies and materials of the highest quality during the production of its products. In order for the frame and spokes to be strong and reliable, the company’s employees use aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood. Fulton Women’s Cane Umbrella has a special safe and secure opening and closing technology. The same applies to such a model as the Fulton automatic umbrella. For a pleasant operation of the accessory, high-quality polyester is used.

In a huge assortment, Fulton presents such an accessory as a transparent umbrella. This original style allows him to look fabulous and weightless. An umbrella with a transparent dome is a very practical thing, and therefore will be a great addition to almost any autumn and spring look, and will also allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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