beach foldable parasol

When you are going to relax, you want to take a minimum of everything with you, and the compiled list will definitely include a folding beach umbrella that protects from the sun. It is simply necessary for those who are resting in the country, and those who bask on the golden sand on the seashore. And when buying such a design, it is important to remember some recommendations that help to purchase a high-quality, durable product.

How to choose a folding beach and at the same time compact sun umbrella?

  1. First of all, we pay attention to the material from which the frame is made. It must be very durable. So, it is best to give preference to products made of steel, fiberglass or titanium-coated. Of course, such an umbrella will not cost a penny, but, believe me, over time, its cost will fully pay off. As for the fabric of the dome, it must withstand the powerful effects of UV rays. The best option is a polyester umbrella. If you are considering a cotton version, then ask the seller if it is impregnated with a water-repellent solution. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the spokes. After all, everyone knows when, with a strong gust of wind, they turn in the opposite direction. To prevent this from happening, choose an umbrella with metal needles, not plastic ones.
  2. An impeccable option is such an umbrella, the mechanism of which can be adjusted by the angle of inclination of its “cap”. It allows you to calmly tilt it to the side, and not take out the entire structure from the earth or sand, or, even worse, dance around an umbrella with a mat, hiding from the scorching sun.
  3. If you go on vacation, knowing that, for example, it will be impossible to stick an umbrella into the ground, immediately buy a folding structure with a stand. With it, the installation time is reduced several times. It is worth noting that the stands are very light. On site, they should be filled with sand or water.
  4. Folding large umbrella from the sun should be chosen by those who have a rest with children or a large company. True, do not forget that the larger it is, the more difficult it is to wear even when folded. The diameter of the dome of such an umbrella can reach 1.90 m. If the family is small or you are relaxing alone, then it is better to purchase a conventional device, the minimum diameter of which does not exceed 1.80 m.
  5. Of course, in addition to the folding umbrella comes a cover. This necessary accessory must have a special handle to facilitate the transportation of this product. When buying, be sure to check that the cover is well sewn and does not have any defects.