fleece hats

A woman needs several hats for the winter period — for warmer and colder weather, under a jacket and under a fur coat or sheepskin coat and, of course, in the mood. When preparing for the cold weather, don’t forget about a fleece hat — a fashionable and stylish accessory.

Women’s fleece hats — models and decor

A winter fleece hat can have both a simple and intricate cut. Concise sports caps are widespread, which attract attention with the presence of various colors in the line. A cat-hat with pointed “ears”, a fox-hat with a characteristic color look original. A stocking hat is a more versatile option that suits both young girls and older ladies.

Despite the simplicity of the material, the decor can be very rich. If you want something more than a label to decorate your hat, then you should try on an accessory that combines fleece with fur, for example, has a fur pom-pom or trim. Volumetric applications are also a common element that is often used in many models. The combination of fleece with knitted elements is popular.

Fashionable fleece hats — what to wear and how to care for?

Fleece hats have at least one big advantage — they are affordable. At the same time, they provide great opportunities for their owner:

  • fleece hats for women, due to the variety of styles, can be combined with clothes in different directions;
  • hats made of this material can compete in heat-saving qualities even with woolen products;
  • fleece accessories are soft, they fit nicely on the skin, do not irritate it.

This accessory is suitable for various outerwear. A youthful and stylish hat will look with a jacket coat, oversized coat or military style. It will successfully complement any casual bow with a jacket and jeans. With sportswear, a hat generally makes an ideal pair. Of course, a lot depends on the model, but, in principle, you can wear a beautiful fleece hat with a sheepskin coat or a fur coat. Of the additional accessories, it is better to prefer a scarf and gloves or mittens made of the same fabric.

The comfort and attractive appearance of fleece can be maintained for a long time with careful care. It is recommended to wash this material by hand or on a gentle wash, using only products for delicate fabrics. You should not wring out the hat, in addition, you can not dry the fleece on heaters.