fishnet socks

Today, designers present beautiful fishnet socks to the attention of fashionistas. If you think that such accessories are a waste of money and an absolutely unnecessary thing, then we will try to dissuade you from this. Fishnet socks are an item of clothing designed for girls with a refined taste and sense of style. Why not please yourself with a beautiful attractive thing, which, moreover, will give the image femininity and accuracy?

Women’s fishnet socks

The most popular are white fishnet socks. It is in a light classic color that such an accessory looks gentle and elegant. But the models of colored pastel colors also look very romantic – pink, blue, light green, peach, cream. Today, designers offer beautiful openwork summer socks, warm models, as well as a versatile option for every day.

Lace socks. Lace models are considered the most beautiful and feminine accessory. These socks are more suitable for the warm season. They perform a more decorative function and look great with open shoes and evening sandals. Often lace socks are used in business fashion. A strict image of a model made of openwork lace will be complemented by elegance and sophistication. Also, lace socks will beautifully complete a casual bow in a romantic style.

Knitted fishnet socks. For the cold season, yarn models are more suitable. In such an accessory, openwork and tenderness are given by a pattern that is knitted with the help of crochets, elongated and crossed loops. Interesting leaves, twigs, buds and braids will add sophistication and romance to your everyday look. Knitted fishnet socks can be worn with home clothes. Add coziness and beauty to your comfortable style at home, and you will emphasize your delicate taste and femininity.

Fishnet socks. The simplest, but no less interesting accessory are models with an openwork addition. Finishing, as a rule, acts as a frill on an elastic band of lace or seam. Knitted and woolen socks with an openwork element – an elastic band or a strip of a beautiful pattern look very interesting and unusual. This model is ideal for an image with closed shoes and cropped trousers or a skirt.