fendi fan di

Notes in the perfume of the Italian company Fendi are intertwined as originally and naturally as the Latin letters F in the brand logo. Fendi fan di perfumes are difficult to confuse with perfumes of another brand – they have an individual and easily remembered style.

Perfume Fendi fan di from Fendi

This floral-fruity fragrance was created by perfumers Delphine Lebeau-Croviac and Fran├žois Demachy in 2010. It is perfect for stylish and strong women who want to always be seductive and bright. Its bouquet opens up beautifully, thanks to “delicious” notes:

  • the top smells of ripe pear, juicy tangerine, fragrant blackcurrant;
  • the middle ones are fragrant with jasmine, rose and tuberose;
  • the base ones envelop with a spicy smell of leather and patchouli.

The fragrance is intended for the evening, but can also be used during the day, especially in cool autumn and early spring. Fandi from Fendi warms and reminds you of warm sunny days, helps you enjoy life even in bad weather.

fendi fan di1

fan di fendi blossom

Perfume Fandi di blossom from Fendi is a flanker for the original perfume of this brand. They slightly resemble their prototype, but have their own expressive character. The aroma is characterized by a fresh, fruity smell, which is provided by such notes:

  • top – with the taste of raspberry, pear and pink pepper;
  • medium ones, beckoning to the summer garden with the smells of ripe cherries, jasmine, magnolia;
  • base, impressive with sweet aromas of white musk and vanilla.

They are wonderfully suited for such a long-awaited and inspiring spring with its romantic evenings and days filled with vitality.

fendi fan di2

In addition to perfumes, Fendi also produces the eponymous Fendi fan di eau de toilette, which also opens beautifully and easily and lasts quite a long time.

fendi fan di3