felt bags

A felt bag is an unusual and reliable accessory in women’s fashion. Today, designers are actively using felt in a variety of ways, which is necessarily reflected in beautiful bag models. Pressed natural material acts both as a base and decor in stylish accessories.

The big advantage of felt bags is their durability and practicality. Natural fabric has dirt and moisture repellent properties, is easy to clean and is suitable for frequent active wear. In addition, the felt is very durable, which guarantees a long and high-quality use of a fashion accessory. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the pricing policy of women’s bags made of felt. Compared to other natural products, such accessories are the most affordable, but at the same time no less stylish and beautiful.

Women’s felt bags

Along with factory-made products, a large selection of designer bags made of felt is presented today. If you need a high-quality functional accessory, then you should give preference to mass-produced models. However, lovers of originality and original notes in the image should pay attention to hand-made products. Taking into account that felt favorably tolerates dyeing, the masters of handmade accessories present exquisite bright models, bags with prints and abstractions, as well as unusual color combinations in accessories. Let’s see which felt bags are the most popular today?

Felt bag with leather. Very original and elegant felt material is combined with genuine leather. Such bags are represented by classic strict models. Designers also offer beautiful cases for laptops and tablets with leather inserts.

Felt bag with felt. It is interesting to complement the youth and casual look with a stylish accessory made of felt with applied decor. As a finish, felt is considered an ideal material. Bright flowers, animals, birds, ornaments and abstractions are unusually and beautifully combined with a bag made of natural gray felt, as well as painted models.