Women's Favorite Celebrity Perfume

It is always interesting to learn something new about your idols, especially when it comes to such individual and personal details as preferred scents. By the smell of perfume used by celebrities, you can learn a lot about the character, tastes and passions of a particular show business star.

Chanel #5

This classic perfume composition is preferred by ladies with conservative tastes. They can often be seen in elegant little black dresses and unique pumps. The smell is feminine, alluring, emphatically sexy. Its floral train is always recognizable, it is out of fashion and time. It is the favorite perfume of women celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde and Anne Hathaway. Undoubtedly, their taste is worth listening to. By the way, it is these spirits that are called favorite by many Russian celebrities.

Top notes: neroli, lemon, bergamot;

Middle notes: iris, jasmine, rose;

Base notes: civet, musk, sandalwood.

Chanel #5

Jadore Dior

This smell is also considered a hymn to female attractiveness. The delicate fragrance perfectly complements the stunning evening dresses in which the stars appear at public events. Which celebrities prefer this perfume? Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Alba.

Top notes: pear, peach, magnolia, sweet melon;

Middle notes: plum, tuberose, wild orchid;

Base notes: musk, vanilla, forest blackberry.

Jadore Dior

Black Bvlgari

Mysterious, rich woody fragrance with oriental notes. It suits both women and men. This perfume is chosen by women with a strong and independent character who love to surprise, delight and even win over men. What kind of perfume do celebrities and stars like Angelina Jolie wear? Black by Bvlgari.

Top notes: green tea, bergamot, rose petals;

Middle notes: sandalwood, cedar, jasmine;

Base notes: leather, musk, moss.

Black Bvlgari