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Knitted fashion is gaining momentum every season more and more. In the cold season, hats become indispensable helpers for creating a cozy and stylish look. Knitted hats are not just a stylish element, but also a guarantee of comfort, practicality and security in combination with fashion trends.

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Fashionable knitted hats

The latest fashion concepts put forward yarn accessories as one of the most relevant in everyday style. Models of knitted hats are so diverse that you can choose an original and non-standard option, taking into account all personal preferences, without going beyond the current fashion rules. However, there are criteria that are unchanged in the dynamics of improving style trends. In this case, we are talking about the material. Acrylic is the most common choice. But in recent seasons, natural yarn has gained popularity:

  • wool. The latest technologies are increasingly moving away from synthetic materials, replacing them with natural ones. Wool has become a leader in knit fashion and specifically for hats;
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  • mohair. If you are looking for an opportunity to combine beauty and practicality in a fashionable design, then the fluffy and very warm thread will be the best solution. Mohair is considered a popular choice in collections where knitted winter hats are present;
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  • fancy yarn. For lovers of originality and complete originality, designers offer the most ordinary and simple styles from unusual threads. The fantasy category includes yarn with bright melange or voluminous decor — tassels, flowers and more.
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Knitted hat with earflaps

The most common style, which has recently become more and more universal, is considered a closed model with an elongated cut on the sides. Women’s knitted hat with earflaps is a great option for both the demi-season period and for frosts. The difference, as a rule, is the lining. In lightweight headwear, designers use nylon or cotton fabric. For insulated accessories, fleece and fur lining are relevant. Fur, tassels or pompoms on the ears often act as a stylish finish for earflaps. This style will perfectly complement the street bow and ensemble for relaxation.

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Knitted hat with pompom

A popular decoration for yarn headdresses is a soft decorative ball. Fashionable knitted hat with bubo is a form-fitting casual or sporty model with an oversized accessory. Stylish trends of the latest collections are presented with a fur pompom. But yarn decorations have not gone out of fashion. A soft ball can complement the headdress, both on the crown and on the side. A hat with two buboes will decorate the image in a funny and original way. A bow with a knitted beret decorated with a fur accessory will be unusual.

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Volumetric knitted hats

Oversized hats have become a fashion trend in the latest collections. Such a choice will attract the attention of others to the original taste of the fashionista and will stylishly complement the everyday look. In most cases, a massive form complements youth knitted hats. However, stylists do not exclude large volume accessories in the images of older women. So that the whole ensemble does not look bulky and shapeless, it is better to wear massive accessories with a tight-fitting or short wardrobe — a jacket, coat, raincoat and others. Volumetric style designers create the following solutions:

  • coarse knit. Loose knitting or large elements in a headdress — this is a stylish choice for modern fashionistas. Such hats are universal for both young people and older women;
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  • three-dimensional pattern. You can create a massive headdress by knitting a large pattern. In this case, voluminous braids, arana, plaits, flowers and fruits, cones and other decorative elements will be an appropriate solution;
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  • multilayer knitting. In the cold season, not only beautiful and stylish hats are relevant, but also practical. Accessories double and more knitted — a fashionable combination of reliability and stylish trends.
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Knitted hat with ears

In modern youth fashion, hats made of yarn, aimed at animal themes, have gained great popularity. Beautiful knitted hats with cat ears have become the most popular. Such accessories will complement a comfortable casual bow with a touch of mystery, elegance and independence — the qualities inherent in mystical animals. Owls with tassels at the ends of the ears are considered a stylish alternative. In addition to fashionable owl and cat accessories, designers offer hats in the style of a bear, squirrel, fox. Such a decision in the image is perfect for the period of the New Year holidays.

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Knitted hat with lapel

When choosing a wardrobe element for the head, it is important to consider the reliability and practicality of the preferred model. Particular attention should be paid to protecting the forehead and ears from the cold, so stylish knitted hats with an extra layer in this area of ​​​​the head will be an appropriate solution. Accessories with a lapel not only provide warmth, but also look original, universal for any type of appearance. The lapel can also be called a cuff, but it all depends on the style and option of the addition:

  • big lapel. The most common are models with a wide cuff. A large lapel complements both tight-fitting beanies and voluminous oversized ones;
  • decorative lapel. In order for the cuff to act as a stylish finish, it should not function as a warming element. These are narrow rounded lapels;
  • transverse lapel. Accessories with a horizontal cuff look very beautiful and unusual. Such an addition is created in the process of knitting, when the lapel is first knitted around the circumference of the head, and then the crown is tied to it.

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Knitted hat with braids

The most popular pattern in knitting are interlaced loops. Models of women’s knitted hats often combine several types of braids and plaits. The laconic design with one large weave also looks original. As a background, it is better to use the surface of both the front and back. To achieve a larger volume of the product, designers make a garter stitch between the braids. Lalo-style hats have become a fashion trend in recent seasons. The combination of large braids with a beautiful color gradient looks simply amazing and is suitable both for daily wear and to complement elegant bows.

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Knitted fur hats

The standard choice for knitting hats has become acrylic, woolen or wool blend yarn. In the collections of the demi-season period, the craftsmen use cotton and wool mixture. But if you are looking for a stylish combination of sophistication and reliability, then you should pay attention to knitted fur hats. Both natural and artificial products are in fashion. The design of such hats has a rounded or free elongated shape. This is due to the difficulty of using soft fluffy cuts. But in finished form, interesting straight or diagonal symmetrical patterns are obtained.

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Knitted hats made of thick yarn

Models made of very thick threads have become the latest squeak of knitted fashion. More precisely, such a yarn is formed by adding several bulky threads into bundles. These harnesses of the master are interconnected by loops manually. That is, massive knitted hats for girls are a knitting product without the help of a tool: knitting needles or a hook. The new trend is represented by plain products. According to the designers, it is very difficult to combine several shades of such thick yarn, and the finished product does not look as stylish as fashionable marshmallow, ice cream and raspberry shades.

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Knitted hat-turban

If you are looking for a feminine and elegant option with an original design, then the best solution is a tight-fitting headdress with a twisted or crossed decoration in the middle in the forehead area. Beautiful knitted hats for women in the style of a turban are simple in execution, but they look very unusual and original. To add a touch of personality to your selection, decorate the criss-cross area with a buckle or brooch. To match the latest style trends, it is worth purchasing a voluminous turban made of thick yarn.

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Knitted beanie hat

The most popular style, which will complement both a casual bow, a business ensemble, and a romantic elegant look, has become a tight-fitting simple cut without cuffs and additional decor. Fashionable women’s knitted beanie hats are concise in design and attractive. Due to the simple inexpressive cut, such accessories act as a warm addition and never the main element. If you are looking for a more demonstrative option that will draw the attention of others to your originality and originality, then take a closer look at the trend of the latest collections — models with an elongated crown.

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Knitted hat with English ribbing

The conclusion that the stylists came to is that everything is unusual in simplicity. Original knitted hats are presented with simple execution. These include accessories knitted alternately with front and back loops. Standard English elastic is represented by a one-on-one stitch. But also masters often use the method of two facial to two purl. In this way, you can create a universal earflap, and a laconic beanie, and a stylish turban and other styles.

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