fashion glasses

Each model of fashion glasses will look appropriate in a particular situation. It all depends on the environment in which you will wear them – on the beach in the sun, in the city, at the workplace, at a glamorous party, etc.

Choice of glasses

Remember that even the most fashionable glasses should be combined with your overall look, should not differ from other accessories in style. In business negotiations, naturally, a strict, restrained style is more rational. And in a nightclub you will look bright in glasses with rhinestones, gold, sparkling logos.

The shape of the glasses is very important. Its correct selection will emphasize your natural beauty or help visually hide imperfections, focusing on the eyes.

When choosing fashionable women’s sunglasses and eyeglasses, pay attention to the color of the frame and the color of the lenses. Consider the combination of frame color and the tone of your skin and hair.

Fair-haired women and blondes are ideal for light frames in light colors: white, pink, coral, light metallic or transparent. But the color of the frame should not match the color of the hair.

Women with dark hair should prefer dark tones that are slightly different from the color of the hair. For example, brown, blue, green. If you have dark hair and dark skin, choose the most contrasting color scheme.

Red-haired girls will effectively complement the image with a red, pale green or brown frame.

Follow three important rules when choosing eyeglass frames:

  1. The frame should not cover more than a third of your face, and should not be wider than it.
  2. Focus on the bend of the eyebrows – the upper edge of the frame should be as close as possible to it in shape.
  3. It is better if the eyebrows are visible above the glasses, otherwise the face will look inharmonious.

Fashion shape glasses, fashion brands

For many seasons in a row, very large glasses do not go out of fashion, which always look glamorous and sexy. These glasses are varied in style, shape, color.

Square-shaped glasses are popular, which can be with closed or open lenses, with thin or massive frames. Large oval glasses are also relevant.

Fashionable this season 2012-2013 large round glasses. This shape is suitable for almost all women, with the exception of those who have a small rounded face. Round large glasses will perfectly complement your wardrobe on vacation, for a walk. On the catwalks of fashion shows for the spring-summer 2013 season, large round glasses from the brands Mara Hoffman, Jil Sander, Holly Fulton were presented.

Fendi, Angelo Marani and Versace experimented with strange, unusual forms – multifaceted, in bright colors, with two-tone frames. Such forms are interesting, attract attention, fit the bold and daring. The combination of original forms with voluminous hairstyles and bright makeup looks especially bright.

For the most sophisticated fashionistas, cat-eye glasses are presented – with pointed upper edges. Erdem, Anna Sui, Jason Wu have various designs of such glasses women glasses

Mirrored sunglasses (Tracy Reese, Michael Kors) are also in fashion this season, which are shown in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Any woman will look stylish and mysterious in mirrored glasses.

Fashionable women’s eyeglass frames – decorated with plastic flowers, metal decorations, animal prints, as well as artistic, carved frames.

Today glasses for vision correction look stylish, elegant and fashionable. They are presented in various massive frames made of plastic, white or dark tones. Massive eyeglass ears with a floral or abstract design are in fashion.

Good luck choosing!