eyeglass frames

A good frame turns glasses from an indispensable item for people with vision problems into a stylish accessory. Therefore, when choosing, many people pay great attention to the frame, thinking through its shape, color and material to the smallest detail.

Spectacle frame «Ray-Ban»

Ray Ban is a leading manufacturer of eyewear and accessories. For the manufacture of frames, the company uses only high technology. Of interest are frames made of carbon fiber, which are durable and comfortable. Frames made of titanium and β-titanium are synonymous with lightness (they are half as light as similar steel components), they will be comfortable for those who have too sensitive skin. Titanium alloy frames have a unique ability to take their original shape.

How to choose a frame for glasses?

You need to choose «clothes for lenses» based on the type of your face. Almost any shape will suit women with an oval face, chubby ones should pay attention to a square or oblong one, and a round spectacle frame should be purchased for a square face.

The material of the frame can be different, but many properties depend on it, for example, strength, appearance. Glasses in a gold or metal frame are very durable, beautiful, hypoallergenic. They are of a high class, so they are not cheap.

Glasses in a plastic frame are light, durable, inexpensive, have a huge number of shapes and colors. Their only drawback is that the color of the plastic may fade during prolonged wear.

The word «bespectacled» has now ceased to sound like a name-calling. Now fashion glasses are a means of self-expression. A person wearing this accessory has an additional opportunity to change his appearance and create his own unique style by simply changing glasses and frames.