Bags have always been faithful companions of the beautiful half of humanity. They are not only able to store certain things, but also make their important contribution to the whole image. In some cases, it is the bag that is the main focus, so its choice should be approached with special care. Bags produced by the famous Etro brand deserve special attention.

The history of the creation of the Etro brand

The history of the brand began in 1968. It was founded by beauty expert Jimmo Estro. Then only fabrics were produced under this brand. Already at that time, he set the goal of producing products of exceptionally high quality. So, he clearly followed his goal and produced fabrics from natural fibers such as cashmere, cotton, silk and linen. However, everyone could simply produce fabrics, and Jimmo realized that it was necessary to introduce some kind of zest. This highlight was the unusual patterns and original color schemes, which began to distinguish the products of his brand from many others.

In 1982, the brand launched its first bag, which was made using a unique resin jacquard technology. Already in 1984, the brand presented a complete collection of accessories made of fabric, plastic and leather, among which were various Etro bags, the original of which was distributed throughout the world.

Today, in addition to accessories, the Italian fashion house produces clothes, furniture, interior items and perfumes. Over the past forty years, the company has become synonymous with sophistication and style. It is noted that this brand is the most ironic of all existing fashion brands. Incredible color chords, witty combinations and incredible brightness, which, oddly enough, appealed to many fashionistas, made it such. Today the company is run by the four children of Jimmo Estro. Veronica, Kahn, Jacopo and Ippolito hold different positions and are responsible for the further development of the brand.

Today, the Etro bag, namely the original, is a fairly sought-after product in the fashion market. Why focus on the original? Like any popular brand, Etro bags have copies. In order not to fall into such a trap, you need to buy products of this brand only in trusted and elite stores. The Etro travel bag can be made in different interpretations. There are very strict models that are perfect for business personalities, and there are also brighter and bolder ones. A real must-have for girls are shopper bags, which are also made by the Etro brand.