Perhaps there is not a single girl who would not recognize the famous bottle of toilet water from Nina Richie in the shape of a red apple from the Garden of Eden. The fragrance is as attractive as the packaging, and therefore it remains one of the most popular and sought-after among girls and women of all ages.

Description of Nina Ricci fragrance

Eau de toilette Nina Ricci belongs to the group of floral-fruity women’s fragrances. The first version of the perfume was released in 2006 and is still being produced. The girl who personifies the perfume is simple and refined, ready to be surprised, to seek and find beauty in any everyday event. This means that she cannot resist the bright and ripe fruit of the apple tree, which attracts her with its unique aroma and appetizing appearance:

  • top notes: lime, lemon;
  • middle notes: vanilla, moonflower, peony, caramel apple;
  • base notes: cotton musk, apple tree.

This eau de toilette is enclosed, as mentioned above, in a bottle in the shape of a red apple, and it is placed in a white box with a picture of a red apple in a gold border.

toilet water nina richi1

Flavor versions

Eau de toilette Nina Ritchie in the form of an apple appeared in 2006 and was a re-release of the 1987 perfume. Since then, many versions of the fragrance have been released. The fashion house almost every year pleases us with new variations of this wonderful smell, enclosed in all the same recognizable bottles, but differing in color and durability. So by now, 8 versions of these legendary spirits have seen the light.

Nina Snow Princess. The aroma pyramid is built as follows:

  • top notes: lemon, lime;
  • middle notes are caramel, pralines and red apple;
  • base notes: apple wood, musk, Virginia cedar, vanilla.

toilet water nina richi2

Nina L’Eau. A lighter and more delicate version of the original perfume, released in 2013:

  • top notes: mandarin orange, grapefruit, green apple, neroli;
  • middle notes: gardenia, water notes, sweet cherry;
  • base notes: musk.

toilet water nina richi3

Nina L’Elixir. Perfume version from 2010. The perfume composition was composed by Oliver Cresp:

  • top notes: lemon;
  • middle notes: red berries, jasmine;
  • base notes: musk.

toilet water nina richi4

Nina Gold Edition. Created also by Oliver Cresp in collaboration with Jacques Cavaliere in 2008:

  • top notes: lemon, lime;
  • middle notes: pralines, peony, green apple;
  • base notes: white cedar, apple tree, musk.

toilet water nina richi5

Nina Fantasy. The appearance of this version of spirits occurred in 2012:

  • top notes: pear, bergamot, mandarin;
  • middle notes: cherry blossom, heliotrope, rose;
  • base notes: sugar, mate, vanilla.

toilet water nina richi6

Love by Nina. The fragrance is built around the smell of a green apple, the bottle emphasizes this feature:

  • top notes: green apple;
  • middle notes: cherry blossom;
  • base notes: almond, frangipani.

toilet water nina richi7

Le Paradis de Nina. Released in 2010. Has a sweeter floral scent than all other versions:

  • top notes: orange, almond, mandarin, orange blossom;
  • middle notes: heliotrope, gardenia, red apple;
  • base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, woody notes.

toilet water nina richi8

Le Tentation de Nina. Fresh yet edible, gourmand fragrance. Appeared in stores in January 2014:

  • top notes: bergamot;
  • middle notes: almond, Bulgarian rose absolute, raspberry, lemon;
  • base notes: sandalwood, bourbon, white musk, vanilla.

toilet water nina richi9