Dior bags - how to distinguish a fake from an original bag from Christian Dior?

For girls who strive to create bright and original bows, Dior bags are very popular. This brand has its own unique style, which distinguishes all products, but at the same time, the models presented in different collections have special features.

Dior bags 2018

Girls who want to follow the latest fashion trends will be able to purchase such an accessory as the Dior bag presented in the latest collections. Although the brand has remained true to its style and does not deviate from it, this season is characterized by new design solutions, which are expressed in the following:

  • the use of different materials, which are invariably associated with the highest quality. It can be ordinary matte or glossy leather, reptile skin design, or high-quality textiles;
  • certain collections are characterized by classic black, pastel colors or extremely bright ones, such as raspberry, lemon, aquamarine;
  • all sorts of original prints are used, for example, a black and white checkerboard, floral and plant motifs;
  • on some products there are such original decorative elements as fringe, rivets, additional belts;
  • many Dior bags are characterized by the presence of wide comfortable belts, which can be long, worn on the shoulder, and short, worn on the hand;
  • on many accessories there are wide buckles and fasteners on which the company logo is applied;
  • as for the size, it can be a large Dior bag or a miniature one, like a clutch;
  • some models may contain mosaic elements that are made in a similar tone to the surface or in contrasting shades.

dior bags 2018

Dior bags 2018

dior bagdior tote bag

Lady Dior bag

One of the most elegant and sophisticated accessories is the Lady Dior bag. At one time, its design was developed specifically for Princess Diana, over time, a special royal charm began to be used in subsequent collections. The products have the following features:

  • elegant and feminine design;
  • correct square shape;
  • quilted surface, stitched in the form of diamonds;
  • Lady Dior bags are characterized by the presence of short rounded handles that allow you to comfortably carry the handbag by putting it on your hand;
  • there is an elongated strap designed to be worn on the shoulder;
  • the presence of decorative elements in the form of large capital letters of the company logo — «D» and «R», made of metal material;
  • classic models can be complemented by original decorative techniques that add zest to a strict look and give additional femininity and sophistication. An example is a product decorated with a decor in the form of a large butterfly.

lady dior bagbag lady dior

Bag Dior Dioraddict

Another classic option is the Dior Addict bag, which has the following distinctive features:

  • the traditional rectangular or trapezoidal shape prevails;
  • there is a minimum of decorative elements, basically the models are rigorous and concise;
  • simplicity is compensated by rich colors, bright catchy shades are welcome;
  • Dior bags can have a smooth or quilted surface;
  • on some models there is a large buckle that contains the company logo.

bag dior dioraddict

Bag Dior J`Adior

The Dior J’Adior women’s bag, which is considered a real hit of the season, will help to fully express your individuality. Among its characteristic features are the following:

  • a bright, memorable design, which is achieved by using the highest quality patent leather or applying mosaic decor to the surface;
  • there are models that are richly decorated with embroidery, pearls, and other stones;
  • there is always a wide belt worn on the arm, and an additional strap designed to be worn on the shoulder;
  • on the belt, located on the front surface, the inscription J`Adior is applied, indicating that the product belongs to this collection.

bag dior j adiorwomen bag dior

Bag Dior Evolution

Incredibly stylish and sophisticated are Christian Dior bags belonging to the Evolution collection. Among the distinguishing features of these models are the following:

  • the most delicate calf or lamb skin is used as a material for manufacturing;
  • the skin has a certain texture, characterized by thin lines appearing on the surface;
  • on the front of the product there is a belt that can be worn on the hand, the brand name is applied to it in large letters;
  • the handbag is complemented by a long strap that can be worn on the shoulder;
  • some Dior bags are embellished with decorations such as metal studs or pearls.

dior evolution bag

Dior Oblique bag

The Dior bag, the new Oblique collection, has also earned recognition among fashionistas. It is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • has a rectangular or square shape;
  • consists of a combination of leather and fabric;
  • has a black and beige color, while a print consisting of the letters present in the brand name is located over the entire surface;
  • along the edges of the product there is a black edging;
  • the bag is complemented by a wide shoulder strap;
  • in the center there is a buckle and a fastener, on which the name of the trademark is located.

dior oblique bag

Dior D’Fence bag

For fashionistas who prefer small-sized accessories, the original Dior D`Fence bag is ideal, which is characterized by the following features:

  • has a shape known as a «saddle», which is distinguished by rounded edges at the bottom and an original upper part;
  • there is a wide buckle on the front, on which there is an inscription consisting of the name of the brand;
  • contains a long shoulder strap;
  • many models are decorated with floral prints, made in delicate colors and giving zest.

dior d fence bag

Diorever bag

For a trip to the office, such an option as a leather bag from Dior, presented in the Diorever collection, is ideal. It is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • square, rectangular or trapezoidal shape;
  • the absence of unnecessary decorative elements, the product is made as strict and concise;
  • contains comfortable carrying handles and a shoulder strap;
  • often performed in rich, but at the same time restrained colors, for example, in dark blue, burgundy, purple.

diorever bag

Bag Dior D`Bee

A great alternative to a clutch will be the Dior women’s bags presented in the D`Bee collection. They have the following characteristic details:

  • small size, designed to carry only the most necessary things;
  • the shape can be either rectangular or rounded;
  • a distinctive feature is the presence of a wide shoulder strap, which gives a spectacular contrast to a small product.

dior d bee bag

Dioravenue bag

Another popular novelty is the Christian Dior bags presented in the Avenue collection. They are designed for both everyday wear and for going to the office. Products can have a classic rectangular or square shape or be made in the form of a bag. For their manufacture, ordinary or patent leather is used, there is a minimum of decorative elements.

dioravenue bag

Dior bag — how to distinguish a fake?

Fashionistas who decide to purchase such an expensive item as an original Dior bag are wondering how it differs from a fake. The fact that this is a quality accessory made by a well-known brand is evidenced by the following details:

  1. The lining is made exclusively of matte fabric, shiny options are not allowed. There will be no drawings or prints on it. If the product is colored, then the lining will be the same tone with it, but black handbags are often complemented by a contrasting red lining.
  2. For the manufacture of leather of the highest quality is used, it excludes the presence of any defects or uneven places.
  3. Inside the Dior bag there is a tag containing the inscription Christian Dior Paris.
  4. The accessory is sewn with a perfectly even line, the presence of stitches that are not the same in size, protruding threads is not allowed.

dior bag how to distinguish a fake

Dior bag — how to distinguish a fake

bag dior originalchristian dior bags

How much does a Dior bag cost?

Girls who want to buy a fashion accessory are interested in: how much does a Dior bag cost? The original product is highly valued, its price varies from 1500 euros (for small clutches) to 5000 euros (for large accessories). The price is set and taking into account what material the thing is made of (leather or fabric), what design is used to create it.

how much does a dior bag costhow much does a dior bag cost